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December 19, 2021 2 min read

This is a question every pet owner asks especially when they move into a new home. If the former homeowners had flea-infested pets, chances are that there’d still be fleas or flea eggs and pupa lying around the house, waiting for your own pet. To keep fleas from biting pets, you have to tackle the infestation by killing all fleas and destroying their eggs and larva, and then you also have to prevent a fresh infestation, because even if the home wasn’t infested in the first place, your pet could still get fleas by playing outdoors with infested animals.

To keep fleas from biting pets, you have to do these few things:

To keep fleas from biting pets, inspect a new home thoroughly before moving in

Do not assume the new home is safe from fleas. Just the way you inspect the facilities in a home before moving in, you need to also inspect the home for fleas. Look out for flea dirt and dried out flea exoskeletons. Check the cushions and wardrobes and wooden cabinets for brownish red stains. If you discover any of these, it could be a sign of infestation.

Fog your home to keep fleas from biting pets

Foggers (or flea bombs) are very effective for flea control. The use of foggers can keep fleas from biting pets in your home.

Treat your new home with diatomaceous earth before moving in

Another way to keep fleas from biting your pet is by treating your new home with diatomaceous earth before you move in. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder made from fossils of aquatic animals. It is corrosive to the exoskeleton of fleas, ticks and bedbugs. Spread diatomaceous earth on all corners of the house and leave for three days. Thereafter, vacuum the house before moving in.

Use Egg-Stopper Collars to keep fleas from biting pets

Eggs stopper collars resemble conventional flea collars, but they contain two important insect growth-regulating compounds- pyriproxyfen and Methoprene. These ingredients can help keep fleas from biting pets as they prevent flea eggs from hatching. Once you put these collars on your pet, the ingredients distribute around the fur of the pet and kills all flea eggs on contact. Therefore, with a combination of this and other methods that kill adult fleas, you can rest assured that fleas won’t bite your pets.

Use Flea Repellants to keep fleas from biting pets

Flea infestation usually starts when pets play in flea infested outdoor locations. To keep fleas from biting pets, you need to make sure fleas don’t live around your home. You can use flea repellants like cider chips to keep fleas off your home. As long as you don’t have fleas living in your yard, your pets would be safe.

So, from prevention to treatment, we have provided all the answers you need to the question- how do I keep fleas from biting pets?