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December 17, 2021 3 min read

If you have a chipmunk problem, then you might consider ways to get rid of chipmunks in the yard, attic, or garden.

Chipmunks may look so cute when we watch them as they scamper around. But then the destruction they can cause is awful. Chipmunks will eat everything they find in your yard including fruits, nuts, flowers, and seeds.

They will also dig up bulbs and seedlings preventing your young plants from growing. Beyond the garden and yard, they might also begin to dig around the walls, deck, and foundation of your home thereby compromising the structure. Overall, they can create potholes around your yard which become an eyesore and hazard to your pets. This is why you must consider ways to get rid of chipmunks in your yard and entire property.

Ways to get rid of chipmunks in the yard

1.Keep your yard clean and clutter-free

The first defense against chipmunks is by creating an uncomfortable environment.

Get rid of fallen fruits and nuts, which could be good snacks for chipmunks. Plants around the foundation or boundaries of your premises should always be trimmed. Also, remove and clean up fallen branches especially from trees that chipmunks love their produce, such as berry bushes and various fruit trees.

It’s also important to note that, unlike many other critters, chipmunks love a great number of flowers, plants, and nuts. So you can’t use those to deter them.

2.Get rid of compost

Chipmunks, raccoons, and many other pest animals love compost. So, you need to securely cover the top of your compost file to effectively ensure that there are no goodies in your yard for them.

3.Feed pets indoors or clean up after

You should consider feeding your pets indoors. However, if this isn’t possible, ensure to clean up after feeding your pets. That way, there will be no pet food outside which can attract a variety of pest animals including chipmunks.

4.Take away woodpiles and rocks

Areas that have woodpiles and rocks can serve as a perfect hiding spot for chipmunks to dig burrows. So, to get rid of chipmunks in the yard, take away woodpiles and rocks.

5.Guard bird feeders

Chipmunks are mainly ground feeders. So you should avoid having spilled bird seeds on the ground which can attract them. All you have to do is to regularly clean up the bird feeds from the ground and bird feeders should be situated about 15-30 feet away from fences or other structures. Besides, you can also add hot pepper to bird seeds making them unappealing to chipmunks.

6.Install physical barriers

You can also install physical structures that can keep chipmunks out. A good idea is installing L-shaped barriers of hardware cloth or mesh fencing around the base of your porches, sidewalks, fences, and foundation. You can also install that mesh fencing or hardware cloth around your bulb plants and garden beds. A gravel border around your home is also an excellent choice instead of creating a border with box shrubs.

7.Choose a commercial-grade chipmunk repellent

Repellents work by creating an uncomfortable environment for chipmunks. However, you want to stick with humane chipmunk repellents that will not harm the critters.

Nature’s MACE Squirrel MACE also doubles as a powerful chipmunk repellent. With this non-toxic, all-natural biodegradable solution, you can keep chipmunks from destroying your flower beds, planters, basements, attics, crawlspaces, trees, and the entire yard. This cost-effective product is available in granules and liquid forms and can be applied across large areas. Nature’s MACE acts by creating an odor and taste barrier and is easy to use. You will also love that Nature’s MACE offers waterproof protection and will not require frequent re-application (except in heavy or prolonged rainfall). Choose Nature’s MACE chipmunk repellent today and create that safe and solid defense against chipmunks ensuring the safety of your pets and household.

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