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March 02, 2022 3 min read

It’s highly critical to get rid of chipmunks from your vegetable gardens. Although they look cute, little and innocent, these critters might become your garden’s worst nightmare. They are best known for eating up everything including nuts, fruits, roots, seeds and lots more. They will also dig holes around your garden, including within potted plants, as they either search for roots and bulbs or wish to store their food materials. Because they are small and nimble, they can enter the smallest spaces and their dogged digging ability means nothing is safe from them. Therefore, it is important to take steps to get rid of chipmunks and stop them from destroying your garden. Here are some ideas you can try:

1.Install a fence

Chipmunks are excellent climbers just as they are diggers. So fencing typically can’t keep them out, except it’s carefully designed for them. Consider using a fence with small holes that are buried at least 6 inches into the ground and tall enough that these critters will find it hard climbing up. You should also consider additional squirrel and chipmunk-proofing materials to be placed at the top and sides of the fence to further create obstacles.

2.Make your landscape unappealing

Chipmunks love rock walls and shrubs as they provide convenient spots to hide. Consider getting rid of these kinds of structures alongside other types of plants and structures that may offer coverage for them. We also recommend making your potted plants less appealing by introducing materials such as rocks within them, so they don’t fill like digging them up.

3.Attract some predators

You can also consider attracting predators to fix the problem. For instance, you can build an owl box to attract nighttime predators and deter chipmunks from your space. Owls, for example, feed on chipmunks alongside other rodents including rats, mice, moles and voles. So it can be a great way to control their population in your garden.

4.Use scare tactics

Consider a motion-activated noise, or water-sprinkler to give them a surprise each time they try to come into your garden. However, you may have to carefully consider where to place these devices so as not to create a nuisance in your neighborhood.

5.Invest in a chemical repellent

Chemical repellents often mimic odors and tastes of things that chipmunks don’t like to discourage them from hanging around. Plenty of gardeners have reported success in deterring chipmunks using chemical repellent. But since it’s a vegetable garden possibly filled with edibles, you need to carefully select a non-toxic formula that will protect your plants and entire landscape while keeping them out.

Nature’s MACE chipmunk repellent comes in both ready-to-use sprays to get rid of chipmunks effectively. What’s more, this repellent spray works against all kinds of rodents including voles, mice, moles and chipmunks. Nature’s MACE squirrel repellent is a natural, dual-action product that discourages and repels these critters by using their keen sense of smell and taste. All you need to do is sprinkle on your vegetation and they will scamper away. Do realize that chipmunks are resilient and may try to return occasionally. Hence you must maintain deterrence to successfully keep them out.

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