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August 31, 2017 2 min read

Everybody loves a cat or two for their playfulness and cuteness. But they can get too playful that your new shoots in the garden can get harmed and damaged. While that is annoying, there is no reason to give away your cats or to stop gardening. There are too many ways to keep your lovely cats off the garden so as to keep both of your hobbies for life.

Here are 10 easy ways on how to repel stray cats from vegetable garden:


  1. Spray Mace Cat Repellent. Mace Cat repellent is one of the best animal repellent products in the market today. It is a totally natural way of getting your cat’s attention off your growing vegetables in the garden. It is so easy to use and of course, as with all the Mace’s animal repellent products, safe for everyone.


  1. Make a fence out of tree prunings. There is more use to the tree prunings you have, and one of them is to ward off the lovely cats from your veggie garden. You can be a little creative in doing so for aesthetic effects.


  1. Cat-proof covers. There are a lot of cat-proof covers to choose from, and these covers are definitely among the most practical means on how to repel stray cats from vegetable garden. Thing is, if the plant gets high enough, you might need to switch covers a lot more times than expected.


  1. Planting lemon balm. The lemon balm is probably among the worst enemies of cats due to its tangy smell that we, people love, but to our furry friends, are disgusting. Plant a few to keep the cats away from your veggie garden.


  1. Plant rose prunings. The rose prunings can be very helpful in keeping the cats away from your veggie garden. Simply plant them around the garden and you cat-proof your plant bed as well as get more rose plants in place.


  1. Place a net over the plant. Netting around the plant bed can also be a sound solution to cats. Place enough around or above, whichever applies.


  1. Use arches. Arches are also among the favorite solutions to cats digging in veggie plants. Use creatively and you also improve the looks of your garden.


  1. Use lawn nippings. Lawn nippings are also helpful in keeping the cats from your veggie garden.


  1. Sprinkle with pepper. Peppers are very useful repellent for cats. You can use them on the plant bed or plant around the area.


  1. Use citronella tea bags. If you are a fan of citronella tea bags then there is more use to that, like using it against your cats’ playfulness in the garden.

All these means on how to repel stray cats from vegetable garden will surely help you make everything alright in your garden and your cats at home, but some will take a lot of work. With Mace’s Cat repellent products available and proven effective, why settle for anything else?

How to Repel Stray Cats from Vegetable Garden