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March 16, 2017 2 min read

Because of their small sizes, the feral cats only pose little danger to adult humans. However, in United States, feral cats inflict more than 400,000 bites a year, with 90 percent of the bites coming from the provoked cats.

A lot of cat bites can lead to infection, sometime with very serious consequences such as the cat-scratch disease, or worst, rabies. Cats also pose damage to a pregnant woman as well as to immune suppressed individuals, because their feces can possibly transmit toxoplasmosis. If you are wondering how to repel feral cats within or near your place, you can possibly use Cat MACE cat repellent products for effective and satisfying results. For natural ways, here’s a list of steps on how to get rid of feral cats and live comfortably, happily, and worry-free.

  1. Install a chicken wire along your fence top – This first step involves the installation of chicken wire along the fence top in order to prevent the feral cats from climbing over your fence into your yard.
  2. Remove any food source in your yard – This step in to make sure that all food sources from your yard are removed. Leaving your dog’s food bowls and other food sources can attract the feral cats to enter or stay in your yard.
  3. Repel the feral cats with fruit peels – The next step on how to repel feral cats is using the peels of oranges, grapefruit, citrus, tangerine, lime, and lemon. You can eat the fruit and keep the peel, cut them in smaller pieces and place them in flowerbed or different place in your yard. All cats are bothered by the smell of these peels, which could keep them away. Change the peels at least once weekly for desirable results.
  4. Installation of motion activated sprinkler – In this method, you need a motion activated sprinkler installed in your yard. Cats aren’t fond of getting wet and with water sprinkler in action you will know that this is an effective way on how to repel feral cats away.
  5. Grow plants in your yard that are foul to cats – You can naturally repel the feral cats by simply planting plants such as thyme, lemon grass, garlic, lavender, rue, geranium, and peppermint.
  6. Sprinkle some coffee grounds in your flowerbeds and yard – The use of coffee doesn’t only repel feral cats but also keeps the snails and slugs away.
  7. Apply fox urine and coyote granules around your yard – Use these in your yard, especially within the perimeter. The cats can’t afford to sniff these things so these can keep the cats away. Reapply the granules after a snow or rainfall.
  8. Installation of cat proof fence – Another effective method on how to repel feral cats in building a fence that could make it impossible for cats to pass through.
  9. Get a dog outside your house – This will effectively prevent the stray and feral cats from staying or entering your yard.

Following the listed method will provide you a splendid position in achieve much more benefit whenever you want to repel the cats and live comfortably. Also, by using Cat MACE cat repellent products, you’ll be able to achieve a cat-free surroundings.

How to Repel Feral Cats