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February 28, 2017 2 min read

Outdoor Cat Repellent – Do They Really Work?

There are cats that were raised indoors and so, when they have been given the chance to go outside, the tendency is that they can get quite messy and they can even mess up with the plants that you have outdoors. Even the garden where you have spent a lot of time caring and growing can also be destroyed in an instant. However, there is still something that you can do so that your pet cat and even the cats of your neighbors would never be able to touch and ruin your beloved area or item outdoors and that it through the use of an outdoor cat repellent. With that, they would not anymore have thoughts about returning to the restricted areas.

Many people have been wanting to know whether an outdoor cat repellent works or not. To answer that question, there is first a need to know how it works. There are different kinds of cat repellents and that includes fencing and netting. Also, if in case you wanted to protect your plants from cats, you might as well try placing mulch around it since cats are not fond of it’s texture. Another thing, you can also consider planting coleus canina or other similar plants that would repel the cats in a natural way. This can be quite an effective one as it smells unpleasant to them to the point where they would not even want to go near them.

Apart from the things mentioned above, one of the most effective outdoor cat repellent you can have are the ones that can be brought online like the Cat MACE cat repellent products or those being offered by Nature’s MACE. You can purchase the granular one that is capable of protecting the areas you would want to be protected from stray cats and even from your very own cat. It works by serving as a nasal irritant to cats that is safe to be used at the same time. In fact, with it’s strong scent, a cat would stay away from the restricted area before they even go near it.

Outdoor Cat Repellent

Another thing, such outdoor cat repellent may be a nasal irritant for cats but it smells pleasant for us humans. After all, cats have been known for their superb smelling abilities and so, strong scents are not for them. There are also repellent sprays that you can purchase from the market as well. You can just spray them in the areas you wanted to protect. However, keep in mind that you should shake the solution first before you use it for best results. Also, be mindful of the products that you are purchasing and make sure that it does not contain harmful substances like the Cat MACE cat repellent products that ensures the safety of cats as you use them. With that, you would be provided with peace of mind, knowing that your cat would remain safe. Now, going back to the question, do outdoor cat repellent works? It absolutely works!