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March 05, 2017 2 min read

Using some of the best home remedy cat repellents denotes that you will know what ingredients are used in it, so you can be certain that is safe and environmentally friendly. If your cats are scratching the carpet, you need to keep your furry friend away from that particular area with the help of a home remedy cat repellents in your home.

Do Home Remedy Cat Repellents Works?

The first lie of defense if you want to secure your things from an annoying cat is to make sure your yard boundaries are safe and secured. Any openings or gaps within your fence must be blocked to repudiate low-level access. However, cats jump so you need to fix a taut wire six inches above the upper part of your fence to discourage this approach.

Scent Repellents is the best Cat Repellent

Along with its sensitive smell, cats do not like strong odors and even the ones, which human find very pleasant. Natural fragrance or essential oils made from plants like orange, citronella, lavender, peppermint oil or lemon can be utilized to repel a cat from a carpet, at the same time providing it a fresh scent. You can combine 20 drops of essential oils with a 1 cup of water. Then, mix the mixture to a spray bottle and shake before use. You can spray your carpets regularly with the scented liquid in order to repel your cat from it.

On the other hand, if you do not have any scented fresheners in your home, you can use fragrance oils and cologne to deter your cat. Some scented carpet fresheners work well too. Not just do such home remedy cat repellent works to your cat, but it can make your home smell good at the same time.

Tempting Option to Keep Away Cats

Home remedy cat repellents keep your cat away from your carpet, however for your cat to avoid such areas, in the long run, you need to give it along with some attractive options. If you have a cat that keeps on scratching your carpet, you can give it scratching posts in your home, particularly in carpeted parts of your home. Furthermore, you need to clean its litter box on a regular basis and try a natural and softer litter, the same with carpeting, which it might like.

Home Remedy Cat Repellents

Looking for the best home remedy cat repellents?

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