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March 10, 2017 2 min read

Keep your landscape green, lush, protected and full of flowers from browsing deer repellents!

A lawn or private part of property is a kind of a sacred possession. It’s something that several people put large amount of labor, money, and sweat into. Any person who puts that sort of dedication and effort into something definitely want to see it flourish. As we all know, deer are a portion of the environment we dwell in. Naturally, they are a source if you will. Bust most of the people suffer simple to serious problem dealing with these animals. That’s why getting natural deer repellents such as barriers, spray recipes, and economically friendly chemicals are gaining more popularity these days.

There are an extensive range of green, eco-friendly products available on the market. These are specifically designed to be sprayed on plants in order to repel deer. Majority of them are harmless to spray on edibles, however you need a thorough checking first. Homemade deterrent recipes for deer are also in-demand. All you need to do is integrate a mixture of various ingredients that discourage deer from eating your plants. Fences are the most natural and practical repelling tool anyone can use. Barriers such as a net fence or tall metal are as efficient and logical as it gets.

Mechanical deer repellents are also earning popularity and positive feedbacks among residential and even commercial owners. These include such jolt tactics as strobe radios or lights that turn on and off throughout the night. Many have proven that these motion activated devices may be effective at scaring deer away. But before planning to install a full-scale show, you need to consider your neighbor. Deer become used to these systems rapidly and can ultimately ignore them.

Other options include purchasing a battery-powered ‘shock’ sticks. Typically, these are scattered through an area or placed around a perimeter you want to protect. Deer are enticed using a substance that is appealing to them and as soon as they start to feed, a frightening but safe shock will be delivered to the animal. The decision depends on your views whether or not you would consider using this method.

So, after conducting a through decision about the type of deer repellents you want to buy, you can start searching for the right service provider. Since there are a great number of companies that want to get your interest, you need to be careful in choosing one. Internet is the best place to buy deer repellents, because it contains all the information you need about a particular manufacturer. Aside from that, you don’t need to spend lots of resources.

You have spent great amount of money and hours building and designing your prized lawn, which is responsible for growing your stunning trees and nurturing your striking shrubs. Of course, you don’t want others, particularly the deers to come upon, literally eat the fruits of your hard work and destroy what you have invested. With deer repellents, you are both protecting your garden and the health of your family from possible diseases you can get from this creature.