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May 02, 2023 2 min read

Do deer eat blueberries? As humans, we love blueberries for their enriching antioxidants and great taste. They are also a low-calorie snack and make their way into our baked goods. It’s no wonder; they make a significant portion of our fruit relish during summertime.

Unfortunately, cultivating blueberries also means you need to look out for specific pests. One that comes to mind is deer. Deer are greedy eater known for eating even the most amazing things. But do deer eat blueberries?
Great tasting blueberry plants as food to deer

Deer like rodents eat blueberries. They are not just delicious to deer but offer a vast range of nutrition. Blueberries contain many essential vitamins such as vitamin c, which is one reason deer relishes this high-energy fruits. Deer will not only eat the fruits but the twigs, stem, leaves, and other aspects of your blueberry plants. Therefore, you need to protect them from deer damage.


Odor and taste repellents are excellent for keeping deer away. However, it would help if you found a deer repellent that is designed especially for edible plants. Ensure to follow the packaging of your preferred deer repellent carefully. You should also purchase two variants and rotate between them to keep deer out for good.
Deer resistant blueberries

You can also consider cultivating the blueberry elder variety (Sambucus Canadensis). This blueberry variety is exceptionally resistant to deer, but it is not meant for small gardens or containers. Also, remember that no plant is entirely deer-proof. So deer may still feed on the fruits from your blueberry elder if hungry enough.

Scare tactics

You can also use scarecrows or hang shiny light-weight objects like strips of aluminum and disposable pie plates to keep deer out. Motion-activated lights or sprinklers are also excellent choices. However, make sure to change your tactics regularly to keep deer from adapting to them.

Individual protection

You can also protect your blueberry plants by using mesh or netting. Ensure to encircle your plants entirely so you can keep deer from touching all aspects of your blueberry plants. Bird netting is mostly an excellent choice to protect your blueberries from deer and birds. They will safeguard without crushing or destroying your blueberries.


Installing a fence around your property is also a great way to keep deer out of your garden. Make sure your wall is at least 8 feet high. The bottom should also reach the ground so deer will not crawl over the barrier. You can choose between wires, electric or wooden walls. You can also consider installing a slanted fence or a double fence. If you are using a slanted or double fence, you don’t have to make them too high.


Do deer eat blueberries? Yes, they do. Deer will not hesitate to feed on a great many things in your garden, mostly your blueberry plants. Therefore, you need to protect your blueberry patches from deer invasion. One deer deterrent method is never enough as deer are very resilient. Ensure to combine at least three ways to keep them away effectively.

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