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May 03, 2023 2 min read

Blood deer repellent is a substance made from the dried powder of waste from slaughterhouses like a dried pig or cow blood. Blood meal, also called blood deer repellent, works by triggering a fear response in deer. This is because it has an earthy and slightly unappealing smell, that seems to a deer like a predator has maimed an animal nearby. Click for more product information...

That said, in this guide, we will share with you everything you must know about using this type of deer repellent. One of the main reasons we often consider using blood meal is because it not only repels deer but can also add nitrogen to the soil for plants.

How to use blood meal to repel deer

For a blood deer repellent to work, you must make sure that the deer can actually smell it. The secret is getting the right concentration. The most common way of applying this repellent is by combining it with water to make a light paste that can be spread on leaves. For a stronger concentration, you can spread the actual dry blood meal around plants using the measures of 3/13 pounds for every 1000 sq feet. If you are using the dry blood meal, you should make sure it doesn’t touch the leaves as it can burn them.

It’s also possible to mix about 5 ml of peppercorns to 100 ml of blood meal in a container. Next, transfer to small nylon stockings or cheesecloth punch openings into the bag and then mount the bags around your garden.  Naturally, the third method may not be as effective as the first two, especially if you don’t use a lot of bags. That said, the third technique is often used to protect large plants or nearby trees. 

The drawbacks of using blood deer repellent

It is important to realize that the effectiveness of blood deer repellent like other solutions is limited. Off-course this also depends on the environment, how you apply it and when you apply it. It may also depend on the population of deer you are dealing with because when the deer population is high or there’s a scarcity of food, it may become challenging for deer to be deterred by this substance. Also, blood meal is known to burn plants, hence should be used sparingly. Again blood meal repellent is best used on plants that enjoy large nitrogen boosts like cabbage and broccoli.

Blood meal may also lose its potency in a few days so you need to reapply as quickly as possible. Again, while it repels deer, it may also attract animals like dogs. And if the dog eats the product, it may be harmful to them.

Build a better barrier against deer

Using blood deer repellent alone comes with a lot of drawbacks. You can avoid them by combining them with other deer repellents like Nature’s Mace  Nature’s Mace rabbit and deer repellent contains a host of organic ingredients known to repel deer. You only need to apply frequently to enjoy season-long protection. Ideal for use around gardens, and your home, you will love having a robust production against pesky critters, without harming pets, children, or other wildlife. Click for more product information...

Blood deer repellent