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March 22, 2017 2 min read

How to Repel Feral Cats from Garden

Repel Feral Cats from GardenDo cat repellent products work? How to stop stray or feral cats from using your garden as their personal litter box? How to keep these kinds of cats away from your garden? Most probably, these are the common questions of concerns about how to repel feral cats from garden that you want to be answered.

Your first line of defense is to make sure that you garden boundaries are secured. The gaps in your fence should be blocked to negate the low level access or entry. Fix a string or a taut wire about six inches above the top of you fencing in order to deter the jumping cats.

Once the cats are already inside your garden, a lot of people say that the best repellent is by owning a dog that will see off any cat invader. If aren’t a dog lover, you can turn to more passive methods on how to repel feral cats from garden like using Nature’s MACE cat repellent products. There are also more natural ways to keep the cats away like laying mulch on the borders as cats like to lie on the freshly dug soil, leaving the bare soil exposed. You can also cover the seed beds with twigs or wire netting to acts as barrier.

The young trees in your garden should wear plastic guards around their trunks in order to protect them against the scratching habit of cats. If you have a garden pond, cover it with a netting to keep the fishes safe.

Generally, the cats are known to hate water so a well-aimed squirt with hose is one of the best methods on how to repel feral cats from garden. After a few dousing, the cats will learn the lesson and will start staying away from your garden.

To protect your garden borders and plans, both citrus and mothballs are said to be the most effective deterrents. You can place the lemon rind, orange peel or mothball in the garden borders. Alternatively, you can also use cloths sprayed with orange scented air fresheners and wrap it around the plant you want to be protect from cats. There are many more cat repellent ingredients that you can possibly use on how to repel feral cats from garden such as mustard oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, lemon grass oil, lavender oil, pipe tobacco, coffee ground, and cayenne pepper.

There are also herbs you can plan to deter the cats. Rue is one of the most popular herbs planted to deter cats. Coleus cannina is another herb which is available in market as an effective cat repellent for gardens.

If you will visit your local hardware store or garden center, you will be able to find a lot of cat repellent products on sale including the Nature’s MACE cat repellent products. There are various cat repellent products offered by Nature’s MACE which are all proven and tested effective by a lot of consumers for 50 years now.