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September 05, 2017 2 min read

In making vegetable garden, you have given a lot of effort just for it to happen. You have to dig those soil just to have a beautiful garden for your vegetables. That is why seeing a feral cat digging that very garden is more than just an eyesore. It is, in fact, making you frustrated, unhappy and angry. But who could blame you? These animals have been a nuisance to you, ruining the effort you have invested in your garden. With that, you will need to find ways on how to repel feral cats from the vegetable garden.

There are plenty of quick solutions for this. There is the scattering of fresh peels of lemon or oranges. You could also spray your garden with any fragrance that is citrus-scented. The truth is, various plants are said to be able to deter cats such as vinegar, lavender oil, citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus, coffee grounds and tobacco.

Another way on how to repel feral cat from vegetable garden is through sprinkling dried rue over it or you can plant one of these herb rue in that very garden. Its smell will repel the cats from coming in your garden.

You can also make use of river rocks in covering the exposed ground in your flower bed. Through this, the cats will be prevented from digging the ground. Also, this can deter weeds as an added benefit for his way.

Arranging the branches in a pattern in the lattice is also a good way for repelling the cats. With this, they cannot just dig your ground that easy.

Admittedly, these ways are working. A lot have tried and proven its effectiveness. But some of them requires a clot of effort from us. If there is a way on how to repel feral cat from the vegetable garden without that much effort from you, will you not take it?

Through the Cat MACE from Nature’s MACE, you can repel all those feral cats from digging your vegetable garden without the need to put so much on it. This product is intended to train the feral cat and all other nuisance animals to stay away from the area where it is applied. Through this cat repellent, all you need to do is apply it in your vegetable garden and wait for its result which comes quick and effective.

When contemplating different ways on how to repel feral cat from the vegetable garden, considering this product should be on top of your list. It is not just effective but it also guarantees safety for your vegetables and the cats. The technology used in making it guarantees that for you. Nature’s MACE only create products that border on safety effectiveness.

How to Repel Feral Cats from Vegetable Garden

With the new cat repellent they have, you no longer need to worry about seeing a feral cat digging your vegetable garden. What they are offering is a sure solution on how to repel feral cat from the vegetable garden. With this, repelling cats will be easy, quick, effective and safe from now on. Their solution is a guarantee to be the best.