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January 01, 2018 2 min read

Squirrels and chipmunks are pesky set of animals that when given the slightest chance will lay a garden to ruins. They feed on just about anything; wood, plastic, plants, birdseed etc. The incisor teeth of the squirrel never stops growing. However, their incisor teeth stays short all the time because of the squirrel’s feeding habit which forces its incisor teeth to wear.

Squirrels are problematic. They are known to destroy decks, building structure, bird feeders and every other thing their sharp teeth can gnaw on. In fact, they will gnaw on electricity supply lines especially during times of severe hunger, putting homeowners at the risk of fire outbreak. Their voracious eating habit makes them feed on frames of windows made of wood, electrical wirings etc.

Ways of identifying damages caused by squirrels

When squirrels invade a garden, the first thing they will do is to dig up flowers and plants from their roots. Another tell-a-tale sign of squirrel invasion is markings done on the bark of tree trunks and fruits. You also have to check the deck of your home for marks squirrels leave when they chew on a structure.

Other signs that are indicative of squirrel invasion

Squirrels when they move create a track line spanning 3cm in width. Such tracks are marked with the impression of squirrel’s feet. Also, the drop off oblong shaped feces measuring 1/8 inch diameter wise and 3/8 inch in length. This pellets has rounded tips.

Chipmunks feed mostly on bulbs, mushrooms, grains, berries and nuts. They damage the roots and shoots of plants whenever they come looking for snacks. They are in the habit of digging up holes when they invade a private garden. Also, if you own bird feeders, you will occasionally find birdseeds stored beneath your feeders. Chipmunks are capable of tearing apart house structures like foundation, stairs, patio and retention walls especially those made of wood.

Was of identifying damages caused by chipmunks

Damages caused by chipmunk often have similar physical appearance as that caused by voles and squirrels. They mostly attack garden plants as well as flowers. Just like squirrels, chipmunk have four feet on their fore limb and five on their hind.

Identify damage caused by squirrels and chipmunks

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