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December 31, 2017 2 min read

Effective strategies for repelling deer from crop

Deer are herbivores, and need to consume tons of green plants and veggies every month to stay alive. The problem, however, is that out there in the wild, there isn’t enough food to go round, and this leaves them with no choice but to seek alternative source of food. For this reason, they seek out farms and garden without any form of barrier.

So, if you have a farm or garden and live in the country or suburban area, there is a good chance deer have been attacking your crops without you noticing. You are better being proactive than reactionary if protecting your real estate means a thing to you.

Below are some proven repelling strategies you can deploy today.

  1. Use of scarecrows

Scarecrows have for years now been used to scare away wild life, including birds, away from a crop farm. Though its effectiveness is disputed in some quarters, what we know for sure it that it works – at least to a relative extent.

Scarecrows are of different kinds – the ones that work best are those that have the semblance of a human being. Should you decide to use this tactic, ensure the scarecrow is tightly positioned to avoid being blown away by the elements.

  1. Use of hot pepper spray

If you live in a place where there is a high density of deer population, using scarecrows alone won’t be of any help. You best bet would be using other repellent tactics like spraying hot pepper on your crops. Yes – deer are turned off by the smell of foods with the scent of pepper in them. Exploit this weakness of theirs by preparing a solution of hot pepper and then spray the solution directly on your crops.

  1. Dogs

An agitated dog scares deer in the same way it scares humans. Set the dogs loose on your farm and watch how deer will steer clear of your farm or yard for good. For this technique to work the dog should not be latched anywhere and should be able to move freely.

Deer aren’t dumb – it will only take them time to discover that a chained do isn’t much of a threat.

  1. Homemade repellents

You can easily prepare deer repellents right from in the comfort of your home. Even better, the ingredients you will be needing are readily available. Common homemade deer repellents include:

  • Egg solution – preferably rotten eggs
  • Hot pepper solution of pepper sauce
  • Garlic and cayenne pepper solution

And lots more. Homemade repellents lose their repelling power once beaten by rain, and so should be reapplied shortly after a downpour.

  1. Commercial repellents

In lieu of homemade repellents, you can use the commercial ones. Be wary when shopping for repellents because a good number of repellents in the market aren’t just worth it. Also, check to see the longevity of each repellent before deciding whether or not to spend money on it.

Effective strategies for repelling deer from crop

Should you have a hard time deciding which repellent to settle for, Deer and Rabbit MACE is a proven commercial deer and rabbit repellent used by professional farmers across America. For more information call Nature’s MACE customer service 800-760-0544.