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December 29, 2017 2 min read

Mosquito Plant

Several plants are very harmful to mosquitoes and some other insects some of which are citronella Plant otherwise known geranium plant, pennyroyal, peppermint, and lots more.

The citronella plant is a mosquito plant known for its repelling abilities. This plant belongs to the geranium family and works better when crushed and applied on the body. Although the use of this plant is not so effective they can at least repel mosquitoes when applied directly to the body. The citronella plant can grow as tall as 2-3 feet high, they can be used to beautify the garden and require a very healthy soil for proper growth. The best time to grow this plant is during spring and not in winter as the first frost is usually harmful to it. While growing this plant ensure it receives adequate amount of sunlight because as deficiency of sunlight can cause to wilt and die. Prune the leave when necessary to get a more aesthetic view in your garden. Although it is believed that this plant is effective when crushed rather than as just a leave however, research has shown that it is generally ineffective.

Pennyroyalis another mosquito plant; it is a perennial herb that was very common in the past but not anymore. They are capable of repelling mosquitoes as well ticks and fleas. Due to the beneficial nature of the plant it is constantly attacked by animals. The pennyroyal like some other mosquito plant also adds beauty to its surrounding. The oil from gotten from it must not be consumed as it can be toxic to the body. The pennyroyal is of two types; the American pennyroyal and the European pennyroyal. The Americanpennyroyal is slightly different from the European pennyroyal such that it does not belong to the mint family, has a height range of 6 inches to 1 foot, square stem branched and creeping leaves. The European pennyroyal which belongs to the mint family grows wide; it begins to grow new plants wherever the stem touches the ground. In order to curtail to growth rate of the European pennyroyal it is best to plant it in a pot. When growing pennyroyal the seed should be exposed to adequate sunlight for speedy growth. The best planting season is after frost and the planting bed should be moist enough for proper germination. It can be grown indoor. Although this plant has beneficial effects such as pain reliever, reduces menstrual pain however it can cause abortion when consumed by a pregnant woman thus it must be used cautiously.

Peppermintis one of the plants that belongs to the mint family and is also a mosquito repelling plant. It grows better when planted in pots and has an attractive fragrance. This plant is a hybrid of water mint and spear mint; it can be cultivated in various part of the world. The peppermint is a perennial plant that can grow as long as 90cm. it is found mainly in moist environment and grows very fast.