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December 27, 2017 1 min read

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Otherwise known as forest day mosquitoes, Asian Tiger mosquitoes live mostly in Southeast Asia, and some other areas of the world.

This specie of mosquito can be easily identified by its black and white colored body that spans 5 mm length wise. Unlike other species of mosquitoes, the legs of the Asian tiger mosquito is a strip of black and white color. The female tiger mosquito feeds on human and animal blood to produce eggs with its long proboscis. Both the female and male source their food from nectars of plant. Asian tiger mosquitoes are mostly found in standing water bodies, and this is where the female lays her egg.

Asian tiger mosquitoes move faster than other species of mosquitoes, and thrive pretty well regardless of the environment they are in. It has been scientifically proven that this specie of mosquito transmits diseases like dengue fever and yellow fever.

The Asian tiger mosquito feeds and breeds during the day and stays inactive during the nights. They often breed very close to their host. Common places where they breed include stagnant water bodies and containers containing water.

Population control techniques include elimination standing water bodies, ridding stale water from containers, clearing birdbaths and tightly covering every water containing holding water.