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April 13, 2022 3 min read

In this article, we discuss proven ways to deal with chipmunks using chipmunk repellents for vegetable gardens.

Plowing into your vegetable garden can be quite stressful. And after all your hard work, it is normal for you to expect a bountiful harvest. But some little critters might want to reap the taste of hard work before you.

These creatures, known as chipmunks would dig holes in your potted plants, nimble your fresh vegetables, and make a mess of your entire garden. You have to stop chipmunks quickly, if not they will ruin your entire vegetable garden. One great way to do that is to use chipmunk repellents. So, in this article, you will learn how to use chipmunk repellents for vegetable gardens. But first, how do you find out if you are having chipmunks?

Signs of chipmunk presence

There are some signs you have to look out for that indicate chipmunks are present in your vegetable garden. If you begin to see small holes close to your garden, tense bird feeders or spilled seeds, plants and bulbs uprooted in your garden, little trails of rodents along walkways that lead to den holes, or even loud chirping sounds all day long, then you might have chipmunks around.

Do also realize that even as chipmunks can be a great nuisance, they can also be beneficial to your vegetable garden. This is because they assist in the aeration of the soil and also help in dispersing seeds in your garden. But then you probably don’t want to give them room to chance, else they will take over your vegetable garden completely.

Ways to keep chipmunks out of your vegetable garden

1.Use garden netting

Chipmunks will be so excited to invade your vegetable garden since they will find so much food to eat there. One way to stop chipmunks from destroying those fresh vegetables in your garden is to install netting or mesh. But, ensure you install the right size net or mesh, since chipmunks are small and can squeeze through tight places.

2.Grow plants that chipmunks dislike

There are some plants that chipmunks don’t like. You can plant such plants around the parameters of your vegetable garden to discourage chipmunks from getting in. An example of such a plant is daffodils, this plant releases a scent that irritates chipmunks and makes them avoid the region of the plant.

3.Apply scare tactics

The noses of chipmunks are very sensitive, so the smell of a larger animal or predator can scare them away. They also get scared at the sight of a predator or larger animals. You can install objects that look like predators in your vegetable garden to scare chipmunks away.

How to use chipmunk repellent in vegetable gardens

Among the various ways to keep chipmunk away from vegetable gardens, the use of chipmunk repellents happens to be one of the best. But then the application is just as important as the formula. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Always follow instructions to the latter. A methodical approach always increases the chances of success.
  • Don’t forget to cover your nose and mouth when applying this repellent spray. Although it contains no compounds that might harm you, it might make you uncomfortable.
  • Also, shake vigorously before use so that the active ingredients mix correctly and there’s no clogging.
  • It’s important to treat a small patch first to watch how your vegetables fare. Some plants are more sensitive and may not do well with direct application.
  • Spray generously on leaves until there’s a runoff.
  • Your vegetable garden might require re-application once there’s new plant growth or after heavy rainfall.
  • Be patient. Your repellent might not work at first as chipmunks aggressively try to re-establish their presence in your garden. This is an especially common event if they’ve already become too familiar with your garden. Repeatedly apply the repellent until they get the message
  • Always combine one or two different deterrence methods.

Concluding thoughts

How to use chipmunk repellent in vegetable gardens

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