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December 12, 2022 3 min read

If you wish to learn how to keep rodents out of the garage, this article is for you. Whether your garage is cluttered or well-organized, having rodents in there can be a nightmare. Rodents can chew through diverse materials and will cause a lot of havoc if the infestation is left to increase. Hence, you must take steps to deal with these rodents as quickly as possible. We’ll go over how to keep rodents out of your garage in this article. Click for more product information…

1.Spring traps

You can set up spring traps around your garden to catch mice. Spring traps are very simple and well-designed and only require an excellent bait like peanut butter. However, remember that snap traps kill the mouse or catch it by the leg or tail. Hence, you may have to deal with the inconvenience of disposing of a barely living or dead rodent.

2.Rodent poisons

If you don’t have problems dealing with dead mice, you can place poisons in different places around your garage. These toxins take several days to kill rodents. But you must also remember that there’s a danger of having other pets and children finding them, which can lead to serious illness. So if you have kids and pets, you shouldn’t use rodent poisons.keep rodents out of the garage

3.Seal openings

Openings in your foundation and any walls, doors, or windows around your garage can serve as entryways for rodents. So, you must actively look for these cracks and gaps and seal them off. That said, you should also note that repelling and preventing rodents is an ongoing task. So it’s important to actively look for and seal these openings.

4.Eliminate possible nesting materials

Avoid keeping items in cardboard boxes. Instead, use heavy-duty containers and bins to store your belongings, especially food items. Make sure dog food and bird seeds are not strewn around your garage.

5.Clean and organize your garage.

Cleaning is an important part of your rodent prevention strategy. You need to eliminate potential nesting spots, so rodents don’t have hiding spots by making your garage floor more open. If you have trashcans close to the garage, make sure to see the trashcans closely. Also, store firewood outdoors and far away from the garage as possible. Finally, check to see if you have tree branches that touch the roof of the garage. Rodents can use them to enter your garage and home. Cut these branches back.

6.Rodent repellent

Rodent repellents work by creating an odor barrier that mice hate. You can use a more effective commercially prepared rodent repellent or make your own natural mixture. The right rodent repellent would be easy to apply. You should apply it around your garage and the foundation of your home.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Rodents out of the Garage

Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace is a superb organic repellent spray made specifically for homes with rodent activity. Rodent Mace has been proven to be highly effective against mice, rats, and other rodents. You can rely on this deterrent as a natural barrier against rodent activity. Even better: Rodent Mace is a pet and family-friendly rodent repellent. This means you won’t have to expose your family to harmful toxins. Get Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace today. Click for product information…

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