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December 06, 2022 3 min read

If you worry about dealing with a bed bug infestation, it’s important to know the signs to look out for. Early detection can make it easier and less costly to treat the infestation. This guide will show you how to find signs of bed bug activity around your home. Click for more bed bug product information.

What is the first sign of bed bugs?

The first sign of bed bugs for most people is a bed bug bite. But this is easily the most unreliable way to establish an infestation. It is much better to regularly check your home for signs of bug activity than wait on having been bitten. In addition, you must realize that bed bug bites might take a few days to surface, even if the bugs have already begun breeding all over the place. Also keep in mind some people don’t show any bite marks as well.

Here are the more dependable signs of bed bugs to look for:

  • Reddish or rusty stains on mattress and bed sheets. You may also find big splotches of reddish stains alongside a squashed bug.
  • Dark smears or spots. These usually look like ground black pepper. If scrubbed, they might look rusty or bleed as a marker would.
  • Egg and egg shells. These are much tinier, but you can easily see them with a flashlight and magnifying glass.
  • Bed bug skins.Bed bugs shed their skin about five times before becoming adult bugs. You may find these skins, which are translucent or pale yellow and may resemble the actual bugs but are, in reality, not moving.first sign of bed bugs

Often these signs may appear together in one place. But you need to search for them methodically. Here are possible areas in your home to find signs of bed bugs:

  • Seams of couches and chairs
  • Between cushions and their seams
  • Side of the window frame
  • The folds of curtains
  • Cracks in the bed frame, baseboards, and headboard
  • Tags, seams, and piping of box springs and mattress
  • In drawer joints
  • Under loose wall hangings
  • At the junction between walls and ceilings or walls and carpets

Always remember that bed bugs are just about the width of a credit card. So if you find a crack that can fit a credit card, there’s a good chance bed bugs can hide there.


So what is the first sign of bed bugs? It’s not about finding actual bed bug bites but rather prudently seeking other bed bug identifiers. You should always look for fecal marks, shell casings, bed bug eggs, and even live bugs to quickly deal with the infestation before it grows. Once you’ve confirmed that you have bed bugs, you should declutter, wash, vacuum, and dry-clean your clothes.

What is the first sign of bed bugs

You can also use a non-toxic bed bug spray like Nature’s Mace bed bug killer to cut down the infestation effectively. With its quick action against the notorious hitchhikers, Nature’s Mace bed bug killer enables you to get rid of the infestation as quickly as possible. Get Nature’s Mace bed bug killer today. Click for more bed bug product information…

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