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September 29, 2021 3 min read

How would you like to check for bed bugs on clothes? If you suspect bed bugs, then assessing your clothes is highly crucial. This article will take you through the process and what to do after that. Click for Product Review…

Check for bed bugs on clothes

Bed bugs are tiny insects about the size of an apple seed. Yet, their infestation can become an awful nightmare as their incessant bites itch uncontrollably. Many people only realize they have a bed bug infestation when they’ve been bitten. But it’s better to identify the infestation before this stage to deal with the infestation as fast as possible. Here’s a quick guide on how to look for bed bugs on clothes, treat clothes for an infestation, and lots more.

Step 1 – Get the right tools

Find the perfect tools that will aid your search for bed bugs on clothes. Consider latex or vinyl gloves to protect your hands from bed bugs and their attributes. It would help if you also had a flashlight and magnifying lens along with you; this allows you to identify other signs of bed bugs on clothes.

Step 2 – Know how to find signs of bed bug infestation

Check for bed bugs on clothesLook for signs of live adult bed bugs. They are flat, brownish-colored, and have six legs. When they have fed recently, they might become round and red. A bed bug that hasn’t been fed for some time is paler in comparison. You can also search for red stains alongside crushed bed bugs. These signs might be brightly colored red if the bed bug was crushed recently in that position. Also, search for bed bug excrement, which resembles small black spots and will likely have dark streaks as well. Bed bug eggs are also pale and whitish, but they are about 1mm like tiny rice. Bed bug nymphs are also great for identifying bed bugs. These nymphs are pale-skinned and will love like the actual bugs but are not moving. Click for ECO Friendly Bed Bug Products…

Step 3 – Check all areas for signs of bed bugs on clothes

Now you need to identify if the infestation spread to clothes. This means everything on your bed, wardrobe, and other fixtures. Be sure to go slowly while searching, shaking, and pulling off the bedspread, duvet, and comforter. Look around seams, sears, and gaps. Also, look for bed bugs within the seams of the mattress, bed frames, walls, and floors. Also, other clothes such as under collars, coats, and heavy dresses provide possible hot spots, so you must search for these things as well. Be diligent and patient in your search for bed bugs because they are remarkably good at hiding.

Step 4 – Launder to kill bed bugs

Once you have confirmed the infestation in your clothes and other areas in your home, you need to kill them as soon as possible. The first thing to do at this point is to sort your entire clothes and wash them at the hottest possible temperature. For clothes, you cannot wash, dry them at the hottest possible temperature for about 30 minutes.

Step 5 – Wipe down surfaces

When your clothes are entirely laundered and wrapped in secure bags, you can use an appropriate cleaning agent or a suitable bed bug spray on all surfaces. You usually keep your clothes including your wardrobe, luggage rack and lots more. This will help you keep all bed bugs and prevent them from returning to your home.

Step 6 – Treat your entire home

You shouldn’t stop at treating your clothes for bed bugs. Chances are, the infestations showing on your clothes may also be spreading to other areas of your home. Therefore, you should consider laundering, vacuuming, steam cleaning, and treating your home with a bed bug killer. You might need about three treatments spread over the next few weeks to get rid of the bed bugs altogether.

Concluding thoughts

How do you check for bed bugs on clothes? Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and can use our clothes as their hiding spots. This is why if you find signs of infestation, eliminating it as fast as possible is crucial. Click to Review Bed Bug Products…

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