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December 05, 2022 2 min read

Does Lysol kill bed bug eggs? You may wonder if your cleaning agents, such as Lysol, may help you kill bed bugs. Lysol is of course, a vital part of your cleaning arsenal used for disinfecting your home and killing germs. But what about bed bug eggs? Click to review products…

The reality of bed bug eggs

Generally, Lysol can kill adult bed bugs, but you need to douse the bed bug with a lot of Lysol to kill it. So Lysol kills off the bed bug by suffocation. But what about the eggs? Bed bug eggs are pretty tiny, reaching only 1 mm in length. This means the possibility of finding them and then dowsing them with Lysol becomes abysmal. Disinfectants such as Lysol cannot penetrate the surface of eggs or suffocate them to death. Plus, if Lysol could kill bed bug eggs, you will spend a lot of money purchasing a large quantity of Lysol to effectively kill them and their eggs.

What is the best way to kill bed bug eggs?

Killing bed bug eggs are, off-course tricky but doable. First, you need a set of activities, including washing, dry-cleaning, vacuuming, and treating your home with a chemical bed bug killer. Vacuuming helps trap plenty of bed bugs at all life stages, thereby potentially cutting down the infestation by 50%. It is also an ideal first-step before any bed bug treatment procedure. Washing at high heat will kill all the bed bugs and their eggs attached to your clothes. Dry-cleaning fabrics and other items you can’t wash will also help kill bed bugs and their eggs using high temperatures. You should also consider treating your pillows and mattresses with hot steam, followed by an encasement. Finally, treating your home with a suitable bed bug killer will finish off what’s left of the bugs. But you must also treat your home a few times, to completely eradicate the bugs and keep them out for good.

Are there risks to killing bed bugs with Lysol?

If you decide to kill bed bugs with Lysol, you risk exposing yourself to health issues. The high quantity of Lysol you will be exposed to will be dangerous. Lysol also contains many toxic compounds that can cause conditions such as bronchitis and pulmonary edema. Lysol is also flammable, making that high quantity a considerable risk.

Take the proper approach to deal with bed bugs effectively.

So does Lysol kill bed bug eggs? No. And you shouldn’t consider using Lysol as a bedbug-killing technique due to the health risks and potential fire hazards. Instead, you are better off using other methods of killing bed bugs, including a designated bed bug killer like Nature’s Mace bed bug killer. Made from non-toxic compounds, Nature’s Mace won’t cause any health issues. You can also confidently use Nature’s Mace bed bug killer on various surfaces around your home. Nature’s Mace bed bug killer is also labeled for mattresses, giving you a non-toxic, non-staining formula to kill bed bugs without throwing away your bedding or clothing. Click to review product review…

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