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March 31, 2022 3 min read

How do you keep rodents away from your car? It can be very annoying for rodents to infest your house. But it is more frustrating to have rodents infest your cars.

Rodent infestation brings an untold number of issues. First, they are carriers of over 30 deadly diseases. They are also highly destructive and can chew almost anything they come across.

Rodents in your cars will chew wires, tubes, and components, which can result in great damage to some car sensors and electrical functions.

Some rodents are quite tiny and can squeeze through small spaces. Hence, they will enter and block your air vents, air filter, and so on.

Your engine compartment can equally serve as a perfect nesting spot for rodents. Rodents often prepare their nesting spot with wasted materials and trash, which can also affect parts of your engine compartment. Altogether, these rodent activities can cause severe damage to your car. If you suspect that you have rodents in your car or wish to prevent them from coming into your car in the first place, below are some strategies you can apply.

1.Keep your car clean

One of the best preventive measures against rodents is cleanliness. You should always ensure that all food items including crumbs are cleared out. Don’t also forget other materials that rodents might consider food such as pieces of paper, used tissues, fast food bags with leftovers, and lots more.

Besides, if you store food (such as feeds) in or near your car, use sturdy air-tight containers.

2.Keep your car dry at all times

Some rodents are attracted to damp and moist areas. Hence, you should take measures to keep moisture from building up within your vehicle. Moisture may be caused by numerous things such as a leak in the heater or a blocked pollen filter. If you suspect moisture in your car, then it’s time to have your car inspected to get to the bottom of the issue.

3.Stay away from rodent-infested areas

Avoid parking your cars in suspected rodent-infested areas. This includes areas close to trash bins and natural food sources.

4.Keep your doors and windows closed at all times

Leaving even one door or window slightly open might become an invitation to mice. You should reduce the possibility of rodents getting into your car.

5.Flood your parking space with light

Most rodents would prefer your car if it’s usually packed in a dark space. They do not like lighting and often take the comfort of the dark. Hence, you can consider switching on the lights in the garage or park wherever there’s sufficient light. During the day, you can also leave the car hood open to ensure that the interiors are exposed to direct sunlight. This also helps keep rodents away from your car.

6.Purchase a rodent repellent

Dealing with rodents in your car can be very embarrassing and frustrating. However, you can also consider using rodent repellent which can both prevent and repel rodents from your car.

Rodent repellents either come as sprays you can apply all over your car or granules that can be placed in pouches. These products combine scents that rodents hate. When you apply them to your car, such as spraying the liquid repellent or placing pouches of the granular repellent, it creates an uncomfortable odor barrier that would encourage rodents to move to somewhere else.

6 tips to keep rodents away from your car

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