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April 01, 2022 2 min read

There are many snake deterrents you can implement to repel snakes from your property. This guide to snake deterrents will share with you everything you need to know.

When most people find snakes in their homes, the first instinct is to freeze in fear or run away. However, snakes are remarkably beneficial and misunderstood. They do not damage plants, chew, or make holes. Instead, they take advantage of openings in structures that will typically feed on insects, worms, and other rodents. Snakes also rarely bite humans and most snakes in North America are non-venomous. Still, not everyone wants to deal with snakes on their property. In that case, consider the snake deterrents we have outlined below to make your garden, lawn, and home, less conducive to snakes.

1.Your landscape modifications

The first step to repel snakes from your living space is to ensure that your landscape doesn’t encourage snake visits. Here are some tasks you should carry out to modify your landscape.

  • Remove or relocate debris such as wood, brushes, bricks, or piles of rocks.
  • Place lava rock close to your structures. Lava rock has been proven to help prevent snakes from nesting near structures. The lava rock should be about 5 to 6 inches deep and about 2 to 3 feet wide.
  • Keep plant materials short.Long grassy weeds provide excellent cover for snakes. You should always mow and trim all tall grass to avoid providing that cover for snakes.
  • Seal all openings that are ¼ inch in foundation and siding with a mixture of caulk and steel. Although any type of material would work for snakes, you should use caulk and steel to stop other critters such as rodents from chewing through.
  • Avoid feeding birdsduring the summer and spring. Bird seeds attract rodents which in turn draw in snakes.
  • Fill all abandoned animal burrows around your property.

2.Physical deterrents

Some snake species can be effectively repelled using the appropriate fence. Typically, you should invest in a fence made from ¼ galvanized mesh (hardware cloth) that is 36 inches high. Your fence should also be buried several inches into the ground so that snakes don’t burrow underneath it.

3.Scent-based repellents

Scent-based repellents won’t kill snakes or any reptiles. They are ideal for creating an uncomfortable environment that would discourage snakes from visiting your home. You can either purchase this repellent as sprays for large surface applications or granules you can place in vantage positions. Regardless of which you choose, you need to re-apply frequently and strategically. Pay attention to holes, fissures, and crevices where snakes might den.

When looking for an ideal snake repellent that won’t harm any snakes, Nature’s Mace snake repellent is an excellent choice. Made from all-natural ingredients, it contains no synthetics, dyes, or harsh chemicals

A guide to snake deterrents

This product is available in liquid sprays and granules and can be applied across a variety of areas including gardens, houses, garages, campsites, patios, and lots more. Choose Nature’s Mace snake repellent and take that determined step towards making your yard snake free.

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