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April 02, 2022 3 min read

To choose a spray to keep dogs from peeing, there are some factors you must consider. There are many different products out there that may be used to stop dogs from peeing in our homes and outdoors. These products often take advantage of things that dogs dislike to discourage them from that behavior. However, some products are more effective than others. Hence, we bring to you certain features you should consider before purchasing an anti-dog pee product.


Product type

Dog anti-pee products usually come in a variety of forms including sprays, granules, and concentrates. Even if you’ve already opted for sprays, it’s a great idea to understand where it’s best to apply the other variants.

  • Granules: Granules are just like powders and are excellent for putting up an odor and taste barrier. With this product, you target specific areas where dogs love to pee. They can be used to mask the scent of urine (although it’s much better to wash off urine first before application).
  • Sprays: Sprays are ideal for a great many surfaces. You can also apply quickly over large areas. Plus they try quickly, leaving no residue you have to wipe up.
  • Concentrates: These products must be diluted before use and they are suitable for larger areas. You can use them with outdoor hose-end sprays or indoor sprays. They are eco-friendly and economical.

Dog type

The type of dog you are trying to stop from peeing in your lawn can also influence how quickly your deterrence works. First off, a younger dog may be more easily deterred than an older dog. Again, aggressive breeds will require consistent and patient re-application until they get the message to leave that area. The best approach? Use a multi-deterrent approach that does not only include repellent sprays, granules, and concentrates but other techniques like a fence.


When you have a dog pee problem, it’s important to select a product that would deliver results. However, as just stated by the dog breed, age and familiarity will influence your results. If you are equally dealing with your own domesticated furry friends, you might also consider positive training to achieve better results.


Dog anti-pee products are either composed of natural or chemical ingredients. Chemical products have been around for a long time, and often contain powerful substances with great results. However, they are also harmful to pets, and the environment.

Natural anti-pee products, in contrast, are usually made of natural, eco-friendly ingredients. It’s often better to choose natural anti-pee products that will have limited impacts on the environment.


You also need to consider safety when assessing the ingredients of your repellent. Safety is a primary concern if you have pets and children present. Always ensure that the product you choose can be safely used around children and pets before application. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly to avoid any mishaps.

What to consider when looking for a spray to keep dogs from peeing

Nature’s Mace dog repellent is an amazing product that helps you effectively stop dogs from peeing over your property. Made from all-natural ingredients, this product contains no harmful chemicals and is an ideal choice for homes with pets and children. Simply apply Nature’s MACE granules, concentrates, or sprays across all vulnerable spots and enjoy instant protection. It is perfect for protecting your property without causing any harm to the environment.

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