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March 15, 2022 3 min read

In this article, we talk about the best spray to keep dogs from peeing all over the place.

If dogs in your neighborhood decide to use your lush green lawn as a spot for urinating, there’s a problem. Dog urine is known to cause unsightly yellow or brown spots and can permanently kill off some grass species. The scent of dog urine will also attract other dogs to urinate there as well, further doing more damage. Hence, you need to take steps to stop dogs from peeing on your property. One excellent way to do so is to invest in a dog repellent spray. Unfortunately, there are too many dog repellent sprays on the market. This makes selecting the best one with proven results challenging.

What to consider when choosing a dog pee spray

1. Eco-friendly

It’s highly important to choose a dog pee spray that allows your garden or lawn to thrive. There’s no use getting a product that would be toxic to plants and kids and would nuke everything in its path.


Your ideal dog pee spray should be fast-acting and enough to discourage dogs from the onset. However, this can be conflicting as different sprays may have different effects depending on the age and type of dog. Hence, you might require more than one application to establish your deterrence.


The best spray to keep dogs from peeing should not harm them in any way. Avoid using any substance that would hurt or even kill the dog. Beyond the unwanted furry animal, such substances might cause harm to other animals and even children.

4.Staying power

Choose a suitable spray that will coat surfaces and provide residual effects. This isn’t an important factor as most sprays would still require another application after watering the plants or a heavy downpour.

Tips for effective results when using dog repellent spray

  1. It’s highly important to follow all instructions accordingly to ensure you have the best results.
  2. Consider washing that space with running water to get rid of the dog’s urine smell. Also, clean up any piles of feces and douse thoroughly with a hose. This will increase the effectiveness of your dog’s repellent spray. It would also help neutralize the nitrogen in the urine and help minimize those burning spots in your lawn.
  3. Some commercial repellent can trigger a dog to urinate on a new strange scent. This might make you feel the repellent isn’t working, when in reality, it is but the dog is merely trying to reclaim that area. All you need to do is judiciously re-apply that deterrent until the message is passed loud and clear that you don’t want them there.
  4. Relying on one deterrence strategy is never enough. Dogs are smart, so you should consider other strategies as well. Examples include fencing, motion-activated sprinklers, scarecrows etc.

Nature’s MACE dog repellent spray is a superb all-natural deterrent that helps discourage your furry friends from urinating in unwanted places.

How to choose the best spray to keep dogs from peeing all over the place

This superb solution starts acting within minutes and provides a long-lasting odor barrier to keep dogs away. You can use this dog repellent spray for your outdoor space including your garage, shed, lawn, garden, and more with remarkable results.

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