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March 16, 2022 3 min read

Methods to keep squirrels out of the garden will be the focus of this article. Here we talk about proven, non-harmful ways to keep squirrels out of the garden. Squirrels are notorious for the damage they can cause to gardens. They aren’t very picky rodents, which means they will eat everything in your garden including flowers, flower bulbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lots more. They will equally scavenge in the household trash, transforming your once smooth pile into a disaster. If you feed birds, you might also find empty bird feeders as they eat most of them. Again squirrels love digging up soil and mulch in pots and garden beds, which can be dangerous for the roots of plants. Once you find signs of squirrel damage, it’s time to take steps to keep squirrels out of the garden.

There are several ways to get rid of squirrels. But you should avoid using harmful squirrel deterrents like squirrel traps and harmful chemical killers. In their place, choose humane solutions.

Let’s talk about the most proven, humane ways you can get rid of squirrels without harming them.

1.Use protective covers

Consider using row covers, chicken wire, bird netting, or lining the bottom of the soil with hardware cloth. All these physical deterrents will help stop squirrels from having their way with your plants. At the same time, these deterrents won’t stop your plants from thriving and will allow for sunlight and easy watering.

2.Use scare devices

Consider installing plastic or resin owls and snakes in your garden to scare snakes. You can also add some noisemakers such as wind chimes as well to get them out.

3.Motion-sensor sprinklers

Squirrels don’t like the element of surprise. You can install a few motion-sensor sprinklers in your garden to startle them.

4.Cultivate squirrel-repelling flowers

Consider cultivating plants and flowers that squirrels dislike. There are a good number of such plants which squirrels hate for their pungent aroma and foilage. They include:

  • Marigolds
  • Hyacinths
  • Snowdrops
  • Daffodils

5.Use squirrel-proof bird feeders

If you feed birds, then you must find ways to squirrel-proof your bird feeders. One excellent way is to install a squirrel baffle. A squirrel baffle is a special cone that would keep squirrels from getting into your bird feeders. You can also switch the seeds you bring out for beds from sunflower seeds to safflower seeds which squirrels hate.

6.Invest in a non-toxic squirrel repellent spray

Consider a non-toxic squirrel repellent that can help you create an odor barrier against squirrels. They often mimic smells that squirrels don’t like such as smells of their least favorite flowers alongside predators. These repellents are usually fast-acting and will not harm the ecosystem or your pets and children.

6 humane methods to keep squirrels out of the garden…

Nature’s MACE squirrel repellent is a unique way to manage these pests. All you need to do is identify problem areas around your garden and then sprinkle your NAture’s MACE repellent. This product is fast-acting and will have those squirrels scampering away. Beyond that, you will love that Nature’s MACE only provides biodegradable, non-toxic formulas. That way, you can protect your garden and other wildlife in your backyard, while getting rid of your squirrel problem effectively.

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