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January 14, 2022 3 min read

The best squirrel repellent is dependent on diverse factors. In this post, we will review some of the features to look out for when picking a squirrel repellent and how to ensure the best results.

Squirrel repellents help prevent squirrels from damaging your garden areas, and flower pots, nesting in your attic and overtaking your property. Having these mischievous bushy-tailed minions take over your garden and property is an awful sight. They have a voracious appetite for nuts, fruits and vegetables and will have a bite from everything in sight. Squirrels may also dig up your flower pots and vegetables.

Generally, there are many different squirrel repellents you can choose. This ranges from physical deterrents, to sonic devices, motion-activated sprinklers and squirrel repellent sprays.

Squirrel repellent sprays are an excellent way to keep your valuables safe from squirrels. These devices are usually formulated for easy application. All you have to do is shake and start spraying across your lawn, garden, vegetable patch and entire landscape. They usually work by combining scent and taste to create an uncomfortable environment that keeps squirrels away.

Nevertheless, how do you choose the best squirrel repellent spray? Here are some features to look out for.

1.Humane and effective

We are not proponents of any formula that would harm animals. Humane pest control solutions go beyond keeping that animal from harm’s way. It’s also the right choice if you have pets and children around as dangerous deterrents can also put them in harm’s way. Humane solutions will also not pollute the environment with toxic ingredients.

2.Non-toxic and Eco-friendly ingredients

Depending on where you want to use your squirrel repellent, you might not worry too much about the toxicity of that formula. However, we implore that you carefully evaluate all squirrel repellents and always choose a solution that will not pollute the environment with toxic chemicals. Some squirrel repellents are also perfect for use with most flowers and vegetables.

3.Long-lasting blend

All sprays require re-application after a determined period or after prolonged rainfall. However, some sprays offer a higher number of days of protection. That way you may not have to re-apply as much as possible to maintain defense.

Don’t also forget that your repellents are not enough especially when they are not applied early enough. If squirrels have already established their home in your area, then they will fight to keep that home. So you will require a mix of different squirrel deterrent measures alongside consistency and patience to get them out for good.

Nature’s MACE Squirrel formula is powerful, non-toxic, and effective. It is the ideal solution to prevent these critters from causing damage to your home and yard. What’s more, Nature’s MACE squirrel formula also works effectively for chipmunks and raccoons. It combines scent and taste and is ideal for use around your lawn, flowers, feeders, planters, and flowers. You will also love that this formula can be used around pets and children. With Nature’s MACE squirrel repellent, you can safely get rid of these furry critters and protect your valuables from harm’s way.

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