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October 03, 2022 3 min read

Do I spray castor oil to get rid of squirrels in the yard? There are tons of options to get rid of squirrels in the yard. Squirrels are notorious for making a mess of our outdoor spaces by digging holes, creating mounds of dirt, and tracks of dead grass. Squirrels can also dig up potted plants in their search for places to hide their treasures. Hence, you must rid your yard and trees of them. That said, creating a squirrel-free space requires a multi-pronged approach using diverse remedies. One such remedy you might consider is castor oil. Click for Product Review…

The deal with castor oil

Castor oil is a versatile ingredient that finds its way into our food, skin care products, medications, and more. Older generations may reminisce about using castor oil for digestive health. It was once thought that spoonfuls of the nasty liquid could help children with stomach problems. Recently, castor oil is also used as biodiesel fuel and industrial lubricant. Traditionally, castor oil has been used to repel squirrels, moles, gophers, and other critters. Therefore, you can try using castor oil to stop squirrels from entering your yard.

Different ways to use castor oil

1.Cultivating castor oil plant

You can install a castor oil plant around your yard, especially at the perimeters, to stop critters from entering your personal space. However, you must be careful about using the plant itself. Castor beans are deadly and can prove fatal for these critters. Castor beans contain ricin which studies suggest is 6,000 times more toxic than cyanide. Hence, you may think twice about using castor beans to repel animal critters.

2.Create a castor oil spray

You can also make your own castor oil spray by combining two tablespoons of dish soap with about a quarter cup of castor oil. Allow this mixture to sit in a dark cupboard for several weeks. Once ready, combine two tablespoons of the liquid with 4 liters of water and transfer to a sprayer. Apply around your yard to ward off squirrels. Using the mixture without allowing it to sit for too long is also possible. However, the effectiveness and results won’t be the same.

3.Castor oil and pepper spray

You can also combine pepper and castor oil to repel squirrels. Consider mixing three tablespoons of castor oil with one tablespoon of cayenne pepper in 4 liters of water. Add 2 cups of chopped onions and 1 cup of diced jalapeno. Boil mixture for 20 minutes, and strain. Transfer the liquid to a sprayer and apply it around your garden.

Castor oil is better than the plant because it does not contain ricin and won’t kill any of the critters. What it does is repel them through its taste and smell.

Act now against squirrels

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Do I spray castor oil to get rid of squirrels in the yard

Plus, you will enjoy excellent weather resistance, requiring re-applications only after a few weeks, except for heavy downpours. Treat your yard with Nature’s Mace Squirrel Repellents, and you will see fewer squirrel activities in no time, without any danger to your kids, pets, or the environment. Click for Product Review…

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