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June 21, 2022 3 min read

When seeking the right squirrel repellent for your garden, you may consider homemade items such as coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have a strong and pungent smell which coffee lovers find amazing. Squirrels are known to dislike potent smells, and will often run from them. Hence, it makes sense to consider using coffee grounds as squirrel repellent for the garden. Click here for product information…

Do squirrels dislike coffee grounds?

As expected, squirrels dislike coffee grounds and would generally stay away from them. They find it bitter and off-putting. Hence, it is possible to sprinkle coffee grounds around the garden, such as the soil of plants and areas the garden is frequently disturbed by squirrels. An excellent way to amplify results is by sprinkling water on the coffee to push out the pungent smell. You would equally love that the feel of coffee grounds on their paws would keep them from digging.

Are coffee grounds an effective squirrel repellent for your garden?

Even as squirrels dislike coffee grounds, they are not the best solution for your garden for numerous reasons:

  • Coffee grounds are quite a temporary solution. You may have to spend a lot of money re-applying after a few days. Compared to decent commercial repellents, you will be spending a lot of money on re-application.
  • You also need large amounts of coffee grounds per every application, which is a total waste of funds.
  • Coffee grounds are dangerous and toxic to pets, especially cats and dogs. So, if you have dogs or cats that roam around your property, you shouldn’t use coffee grounds as a squirrel repellent or your garden.
  • Coffee grounds on some plants are accepted because they can provide extra minerals to boost the growth of some plants. However, coffee grounds may attract worms, which should be beneficial, but too many worms will attract birds.
  • If Coffee grounds are used on potted plants, there’s a good chance there would be too much water retention leading to root rot or mold.
  • Coffee grounds have also been known to be in-effective against squirrels that are already familiar with your garden.
  • Coffee grounds may also be bad for certain plants which you can only find out after a few experiments. Young plants especially have been known to be seriously inhibited by coffee grounds.

Swap your coffee grounds for a more convenient and humane solution

Dealing with your squirrel problem doesn’t mean putting your pets or family in danger. Besides, the idea of using large quantities of coffee grounds all the time in your garden is disheartening. Luckily there are other convenient, humane, and highly effective solutions like Nature’s Mace Squirrel repellent. Nature’s Mace Squirrel repellent can be applied around your garden, patios, basement, crawl space, lawn, and lots more.

What you need to know about coffee grounds as squirrel repellent for your garden

While there are many different ways to keep squirrels away from your garden, never forget that every solution is not right for everyone. Choose the Nature’s Mace granular Squirrel repellent that works just like coffee grounds but is long-lasting and especially ideal for the wet months. You can also combine your granular repellent with Nature’s Mace ready-to-use squirrel repellent spray for the best results. With Nature’s Mace squirrel repellent, you will have the ultimate solution to your squirrel problem.

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