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June 20, 2022 3 min read

What is the most effective plants to get rid of cats in your yard? It’s disconcerting getting visits from strays, feral cats, or even the neighbor’s cat. Cats often transform well-tended yards and lawns into their make-shift litter box. If you are a birder, they might also hunt and kill the birds too. Hence you may consider making your yard less appealing to them. If you equally have plans to cultivate flowers around your home, then you might consider if certain plants can repel cats. More Product Information…

Using plants as cat repellents

Plants can make highly effective cat repellents. Cats have a keen sense of smell that is far more sensitive than humans, thereby making scents we might find pleasant to be uncomfortable for them. You can use this advantage to cultivate flowers around your yard, and patio to keep strays and feral cats out of your home. Below are some effective plants you might consider:


Citronella is an amazing plant known for its citrusy aroma that can repel insects, mosquitoes, and most importantly cats. What’s more, it isn’t harmful to cats. So, you can freely cultivate them around your home.

2.Scaredy cat plant

As the name implies, the Scaredy cat plant is a great plant repellent for cats. The smell of this plant actually smells like strong urine which is why they can effectively keep cats away. This plant is also easy to take care of. However, the downside is that you wouldn’t want this plant too close to your front door due to its unappealing scent.

3.Common rue

Common rue has an offensive odor and bitter taste. This makes it a superb plant to repel cats from your home. But like the Scaredy cat plant, you should plant them far from your front door.


Geranium blooms are so amazing and would lend their attractive appearance and pleasant scent to transforming your landscape. Plus, geraniums can bloom all winter which helps you maintain deterrence.


Lemongrass is an ornamental grass that can make your home look like a professionally created landscape. Plus, lemongrass will repel other insects as well.


Lavender is a soothing scent for humans. But for cats, they tend to get uncomfortable around them. You will also love that this plant can deter deer as well.


Pennyroyal is a good cover for your yard that equally repels cats efficiently. Hence you would have a gorgeously looking yard and protection in one fell swoop.

Cat repelling plants are never enough to keep cats out

Cat repelling plants are great solutions to get rid of cats in your yard. However, they are also a lot of work, if you simply want to solve your cat problem quickly. Cat repelling plants is also not entirely effective against all plants. There’s also a good chance aggressive cats may ignore the unappealing blooms and return to your yard. Hence you should invest in multiple cat deterrent strategies to repel cats.

Should you use plants to get rid of cats in your yard

One such effective and convenient method is using Cat repellent sprays like Nature’s Mace cat repellent. Nature’s Mace Cat Mace combines numerous plant-based ingredients to create a convenient easy-to-apply solution against stray and feral cats. With Nature’s Mace, you can create a remarkable odor barrier that would deal with the nuisance for good. Choose Nature’s Mace Cat Mace and say goodbye to your feline woes efficiently. Click Here for Product Information


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