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June 01, 2021 3 min read

Do deer eat zonal geraniums? Deer eats almost anything in its path, which can be a disaster for growers. This article will talk about deer and zonal geraniums to help you make the right decisions.

Zonal geraniums are a type of pelargonium known for their gorgeous and vibrant blooms. Their name ‘zonal geraniums’ come from the ‘zone’ of red, blue, and purple striping their leaves’ center. This is the best way to distinguish a zonal geranium.

They are also different from other geraniums (hardy geraniums) because we only plant them for one season. This is why they are also called annual geraniums.

Now you know which flowers are zonal geraniums, let’s talk about the pests to look out for. If you have a high deer population, one question you must find answers to is – do deer eat zonal geraniums?

Deer Resistant Geraniums

Deer do not particularly like geraniums. Their fuzzy texture and pungent scent may deter deer. It is also the reason other furry pests like squirrels and rabbits do not eat them. However, deer may nibble on the gorgeous blooms of the zonal geraniums if hungry enough. In reality, many natives complain that deer do feed on their geraniums. This is why no plant is entirely resistant.

When your annuals are young, they are also vulnerable to deer damage. Deer eat the young shoots of almost every plant on the planet. So it would help if you protected your zonal geraniums from deer. Here are some strategies to consider:

Use odor deer repellents

Odor deer repellents can help protect your zonal geraniums. Their smell will sufficiently repel deer, but you need to re-apply after you water your flowers or each time it rains. You also need to rotate between two repellent variants every few weeks. This stops the deer from becoming too familiar with one scent.


You can also install a fence to keep deer away from your zonal geraniums. However, your wall should be at least eight feet high to be effective. A frightened deer can jump as far as 8 feet in the right circumstances. You can also consider a double fence of 4 feet with 2 inches between them.

Electric fence

If electricity isn’t an issue, you can also consider installing an electric fence. Make sure the fence is as high as 8 feet and should be firmly secured to the ground. You should also check your local laws before installing an electric fence.

Individual protection

You can also use covers or deer netting to protect your zonal geraniums. This will especially vital at the early stages. The right deer netting will adequately protect your zonal geraniums while providing ample space for growth.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat zonal geraniums? No, they don’t eat zonal geraniums in normal circumstances. Deer, rabbits, and other furry animals may leave them altogether. However, deer can and will eat zonal geraniums if hungry enough. Therefore, you need to protect your precious flowers from deer damage. One deer deterrent method is never enough. It is better to combine strategies so you can effectively say goodbye to deer problems. Click for list of deer resistant plants.

Do deer eat geraniums?

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