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June 18, 2017 2 min read

Rice which is a food crop just like so many others also suffers pest attack. This pest could include birds, deer and other animals that love to feed on rice. The effect of the consumption of this food crop by pest animal cannot be overlooked and they include destruction of the crops, spread of diseases resulting in the harvesting of unhealthy plants as well as reduced income for the farmers and the country. These problems have a matter of concern for must farmer and it has led to rise of the use of repellents which will help prevent destruction of cultivated crops and rice in particular. With this several repellent and mode or repelling have been developed ad some of them include;


The summit deer ban is a deer repellent which is made in capsule like form. It is made from the urine of deer predator; hence once the smell is perceived they stay as far away as possible from the protected farm land. To make use of this repellent the capsule is dropped at strategic places around the farm and water is added so as to activate the content. Once activated its repelling capacity can last for at least not less than 3 months and if the deer keep on hanging around you reapply for continuous protection. One of the advantages of the summit deer ban is its odorless nature to man but to the deer and other vertebrate pest which have a high sense of smell. When this repellent is applied around your rice farm it helps protect them and gives the crop the room to grow healthily.


This is just another excellent way of keeping vertebrate pest off your farm. Construction of barriers of any sort such as the fence serves as a form of protection for your cultivated crops. For deer must especially high fences should be erection if the option of barrier construction is to be considered. This is because deer are able to jump therefore if a low fence is construction it might as well jump its way through and into your farm and destroy your crops while feeding on them. For better effect, the constructed fence can be electrified with a voltage of electricity high enough to repel the animal when it comes close but not strong enough to kill it or cause adverse effect on the animal.


If your rice crop is constantly under the attack of deer the use of Nature’s MACE can help tackle that problem. It works on the principle of smell as it is made from organic compounds. The repellent not only repels deer but repels over 20 other pest animals from protected area. Nature’s MACE is safe to be used around personnel; it is long lasting and weather resistant.


In addition to the above mentioned repellents and method of protection for crops, deer and rabbit mace still remains the best. It is much more effective and efficient when compared with other types of repellent and at the same time quite affordable.