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June 17, 2017 2 min read

Preventing cats from invading your territory is possible with the right instrument or tool at hand. Homeowners can keep unwanted cats away from their yard using an effective cat repellent or deterrent. The fact that cats do things habitually can make it harder for you to maintain the order and cleanliness of your place. Feral cats in particular, may create a big mess in your yard and worse, inside the house. Therefore, before things get even worse, you should take an immediate action in preventing them from going in and out of your area. There are several ways on repel feral cat from yard without spending lots of money.

The following are the best practices to completely deter feral cats.

  • Use cat repellents

Spray and granular cat repellents such as Cat MACE are the most effective way to discouraging cats from invading your property. Cat MACE cat repellent contains powerful essential oils and spices will protect your yard from invasion of destructive cats. Cat MACE is the best way to safely repel stray and feral cats without harming your health or the health of family pets.

  • Purchase an efficient cat deterrent

If you think cat repellent sprays are not working to solve your problems with feral cats, it’s time to purchase cat deterrents that will definitely work in purpose. One of the most important things that you have to bear in mind when selecting a cat deterrent is to prefer the one that has been tested. You may choose to buy spiked traps, mechanical alarm systems and a lot more. Electronic cat deterrents also work in this situation. You may install them in the yard where they commonly walk in from the outside.

  • Sprinkle granular cat repellents

Aside from repellent sprays, you can also use granular repellents that can create a barrier in keeping feral cats away from the yard particularly on your garden. To use, sprinkle the granules in the entire area that you want to be protected from your doorways to outdoor areas of the house. You may use

  • Apply and install at the best location

The location where you will apply or install the cat repellent is very important. At the end of the day, the location or position of the car deterrent will determine the efficiency of the entire plan. You should have a good installation plan for the repellent or cat deterrent to have the best results of the endeavor. Periodically, you should be monitoring the area to sustain full repellency of feral cats. See to it that you apply liquid repellents in dry weather or dry area so it will not easily penetrate in the land. Take note that getting the right location for cat repellents is one of the keys to a successful cat-repelling plan.

How to Repel Feral Cat from Yard

Your convenience at home matters so you should come up with the best tactic to succeed in the plan. You may choose any of the given ways on how to repel cats from yard. Definitely, your area can be free from feral cats only when you do your best to eliminate them.