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June 15, 2017 2 min read

Flowers add up to the beauty of a garden. A set of flowers in a variety of colors will contribute to the beauty of the house as well your garden. However, there are times that stray cats visit the garden and do damage to the flowers. This will create hassle on your part as you figure out a way on how to repel cats from the flower garden. It would be great to prevent cats in damaging your flowers.

Below are essential ways on how to repel stray cats from flower garden:

  1. Use Plastic Forks or Wooden Sticks

Cats hate it when there is no enough space from for them to move around in the garden. If you have a flower garden, make a move by planting plastic forks and sticks to the soil in order to keep stray cats away from the flower garden. The forks and sticks will not hurt the cats but will leave them in discomfort. Thus, they will leave your garden.

  1. Use Scat Mats

Scat Mats are available in garden stores and has spikes that will stop stray cats from causing problems in your flower garden. On how to repel stray cats from flower gardens, one of the effective way is using Scat Mats. The spikes on each mat will not injure the cats but will make them leave your garden alone. Each cat will have no chance of getting in your flower garden again.

  1. Plant Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing provides a secure way in making your cats away from your flower garden. The lattice fence creates an unfavorable response to the cats that would make them go away. Plant enough of these outside your garden and you are sure to have no problem with them in the future. The fencing provides an effective measure n luring cats away.

  1. Plant Scented Plants

Cats don’t like the smell of certain plants. Keeping this in mind, you should plant scented plants that will provide security to your flower garden. This is very effective on how to repel stray cats from the flower garden. The scented plants such as Lavender and Rue will provide effective scents that will keep cats away from your flower garden. This will ease the cat problem in your garden.

  1. Make sure to use Cat MACE

How to repel cats from flower garden is an easy task. If you have an excellent cat repellent such as Cat MACE, a problem with stray cats is out of the question. The Cat MACE is proven effective by clients who have used it. The repellent sends a smell that will not be liked by the cats. It would be great if you have an excellent cat repellent like this one. Your flower garden will safe most of the time.

How to Repel Stray Cats from Flower Garden

Keeping cats away from your flower garden will be done effectively using the Cat MACE and the other steps. A flower garden is beautiful to take care and if know how to repel cats, you will not have any problem at all with your garden.