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June 18, 2017 2 min read

The problem of deer disturbance is not limited to a particular type of or crops or groups of crops it is wide spread among various kinds of crops as long as they are consumable. The deer will feed on any plant regardless of what it. If it is hungry and there is a plant nearby then its hunger problem is all solved. These animals are respecters of no plants and would not spare any that it finds good for food. Barley just like some other plant also suffers from the disturbance of deer and other animal pest. Fortunately, there are preventive measures that can be taken by farmers in order to protect them from the attack of this hungry deer.

One of the most efficient ways of keeping deer away from any farm land or garden is through fence construction. High fences when erected prevent the hungry deer from attacking ones crops and rendering the planted crops useless. This fence can either be just a normal fence of an electric one. The electric fence after erection and installation serves as defense mechanism for farm lands. Any deer that tries to pass through or comes in contact with it will be shocked and hence will be left with no other option but to stay clear of the protected area.

In order to protect your barley crops from becoming food to that deer loitering around there are deer repellent that could be of help to you. While using deer repellent it must be applied constantly at regular intervals so as to maintain its efficiency. You could choose to make use of the contact repellent which is directly applied to the plant so as to give it a non-pleasant taste to the deer feeding on it or you could make use of the area repellent which is applied to the surrounding in order to repel the deer. The Plantskydddeer repellent powder can be used to repel deer. This deer repellent is made of dried blood and can efficiently protect your garden. The scent of the repellent gives the deer a false sense of alerts of the presence of a predator. In response to the alert the deer stays away from the area and finds somewhere else to feed. For better effectiveness, the Plantskydd repellent should be applied within four months interval.

The Electronic Deer Repellentis as well an effective deer repellent which can be used in place of an electric fence. It exacts a shock of 400 volts to any deer that comes in contact with it. This repellent has the capacity of luring deer close to it and once they come close they get shocked. The intensity of the shock is just enough to repel the deer and prevent it from coming any closer to the protected farm land but it is not high enough to cause death. Each post can protect as much as 400 sq. feet of land but requires batteries to function. This device is safe to be used around children therefore there is no cause for alarm.

However, the best of all the deer repellent is the Deer and Rabbit MACE which is much more effective than the rest.