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June 10, 2021 3 min read

Deer are voracious eaters that love tasting almost anything that comes their way. But, do deer eat celery? This article talks about celery and its role in deer nutrition.

Celery is a great plant that finds its way into hundreds of dishes. Their crisp and aromatic flavor ramps of a vast range of dishes. Even the classic Thanksgiving stuffing recipe requires this flavor-packed vegetable. Celery cultivation is also easy, as long as you take time to implement all the accepted practices.

So, growing celery could be a fantastic idea. But, before you begin, you have to know animals and pests that can eat and hurt your celery. One question you might ask is – do deer eat celery?

Deer and celery plants

Deer eat celery, just like humans do. So, while you prepare for enemies such as carrot rust flies, parsley worms, and nematodes, you need to protect against deer too. Here are some ways you can protect your celery plants. Some growers consider cultivating plants deer will eat at the garden’s edges to keep them busy outside. However, attracting deer may be counterintuitive. It is more preferred to prevent them from entering your garden in the first place. Here are some methods you can use:

Opaque fencing

An opaque fence will keep deer out because they cannot see inside your garden. However, it would help if you had a wall that is about 8 to 10 feet to make the difference.

Wire deer fencing

Wire deer fencing is also reliable. However, it should also be about 8 to 10 feet high. Nevertheless, wire fencing may be expensive for some people. In contrast, some growers use an 8-foot tall plastic mesh.

Double fence

A double fence of about 4 feet with 2 inches of space in-between is equally excellent. It works like an opaque fence because the deer will never jump over a wall if it doesn’t see a landing spot.

Row covers

Row covers are also excellent to discourage deer from feeding on your celery plants. This will equally keep other pests like earwigs, slugs, snails, and flea beetles from your celery plants.

Repellents – Do deer eat celery

Repellents are your first line of defense against deer. There are diverse kinds of repellents you can choose from, but odor repellents are the best. Furthermore, rotating between two different repellents is adequate to keep deer from becoming familiar with them.

Scare tactics

Scare tactics are also decent for keeping deer out of your garden. You can use motion-activated sprinklers, noise, and lots more. However, scare tactics only work for a few days as deer get used to them quickly. To effectively use scare tactics, you need to rotate them.

Concluding thoughts

Do deer eat celery? Yes, they do. Deer will eat your celery plants to the ground if you let them. Therefore, you need to invest in the right deer deterrent methods to keep them out. However, one deer-deterrent method is not enough to keep them out. We recommend using two or three strategies to protect your celery plants effectively. Click for more great articles… List of deer friendly plants…

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