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January 18, 2021 3 min read

Do deer eat Japanese persimmons? If you would love to plant some Asian persimmons, then you want to learn more about deer nutrition.

Japanese persimmons are native to Asia but we have adopted them in recent years because of their sweet, fibrous fruit. Humans love persimmons, including the Japanese variety. So, it finds its way into desserts, fruity snacks, puddings, pies, and lots more. Since humans eat persimmons, you may wonder if animals enjoy them too. Persimmons grow very slow, so you probably, don’t want to share the few fruits you have on them with deer. So, the question in the hearts of many is – do deer eat Japanese persimmons.

Deer eat Japanese persimmons, although they are not their most preferred food choice. The fruits, leaves, and twigs from the persimmons make excellent forage, causing an intense heartache for the grower. It’s one reason hunters, especially plant the Fuyu variety around October for winter hunting, although there are better choices.
Japanese persimmons will also not fall to the ground easily, which means the deer has to reach for them. This increases the chances of more damage which can equally kill the tree. Therefore, you need to protect your persimmon trees to discourage deer from reaching out for the fruits.

To avoid deer damage to your persimmons, use these strategies we have outlined below to keep them out of your yard.

Deer repellents

Taste or odor deer repellents can help you deter deer from your persimmon trees. However, you should consider using two or three repellents simultaneously to prevent deer from becoming too used to the odor or scent. You should also make sure you are using a mix of both odor and taste deterrents. Aim to use them regularly at least once every week, and whenever it rains or you water your plants.

Double fencing

Deer will not jump over a fence if they cannot see the other end. That’s why a Double fence works as an excellent deterrent for deer. Consider using a two-four to a five-foot-tall picket fence. The second should be about five feet tall. You can also use wire lines, chicken wire, or box wire for the internal fence if you want to save money. Also, make sure your fence reaches the ground to prevent them from crawling under it.

Invisible deer netting

Deer netting set in place with metal T-bar garden posts can also help you keep deer away from your persimmons. Use about eight feet tall netting, and make sure they are firmly tied in to prevent a desperate deer from jumping over it. Deer/bird netting or chicken wire cages for individual trees can also help prevent deer from rubbing against your persimmons.

Concluding Thoughts

Do deer eat Japanese persimmons? Yes they do, although Japanese persimmons are not their more preferred choice. Japanese persimmons do not also fall from the tree easily which means the deer will likely have to reach for them, causing more damage. Cultivating Japanese persimmons is a lot of work, so make sure you use these deer deterrent methods to keep them out of your orchard from the onset.

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