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November 13, 2020 2 min read

Do deer eat persimmons? Will they leave them alone? If you are considering planting persimmons on your property, these questions must be on your mind. In this article, we will answer your questions in precise detail.
Persimmons are gorgeous trees known for their delicious fruits. We plant them for food or aesthetic rea-sons. Therefore, when you live in an area with plenty of deer, finding out whether deer might become a problem for you is ideal. So, you might ask—do deer eat persimmons?

Deer and Persimmon

Unfortunately, just as we love persimmons, deer love them too or perhaps a lot more. They can stand on their hind legs to pick the ripened fruits from the trees. This is not always the case as these fruits usually ripen and fall to the ground in autumn. However, deer also love relaxing under trees and may likely rub their body against the trees, causing damage to it. They can equally pull, rip off, twist, and cause dam-age to the buds of your trees too. Deer have also been known to eat unripened persimmon fruits, espe-cially on occasions when they have limited food sources. Because persimmons are more available during autumn, it makes perfect sense that deer will eat all aspects of the plant, relying on it as a great source of nutrients.

Preventing deer damage

Deer can become a nuisance to your orchard if there is nothing against it. Luckily, there are some ways to keep them away from your persimmons. They include:


Fencing provides a significant barrier against deer, keeping them entirely away from your plants. How-ever, ensure you are using an 8-foot fence or two parallel 6-feet fences. An electric fence must be just as long because deer can jump over a shorter fence, incredibly when desperate for food.


You can also use scent and taste repellents to keep them off. Some people talk about using urine, human hair, cayenne pepper, or egg putrescence. However, you can also consider chemical repellents. All you have to do is read the labels carefully to ensure your ideal repellent does not cause more harm than good in the process.

Scare tactics

Deer are scared of novel objects. Therefore, you can use spare blankets, bright lights, whistles, explod-ers, scarecrows, and even motion activated sprinklers to keep them away. However, they are also persis-tent, so you have to alternate between them to keep the deer confused and out of your property if you must use these methods.

Concluding thoughts

Now, to your question—do deer eat persimmons? Yes, deer can and will eat persimmons. They can rip, stretch, and do everything possible to get a taste of these delicious fruits, especially during autumn. This can cause undue damage to your persimmons, so you must consider using deterrents to keep them away. Fencing is one of the best methods, but it won’t hurt to add other deterrent methods to keep deer out. Moreover, no one deer deterrent is sufficient enough to completely deer-proof your orchard.

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