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October 12, 2020 2 min read

Do Deer eat eucalyptus plants? Amazingly, they don’t eat them, except in special circumstances. In this article, we will talk about the relationships between Deer and the Eucalyptus plant.

The Eucalyptus genus has over 700 different tree species, and they originally grow in Australia and Indonesia. They are known for their silvery outlook and can mature into a tree or shrub depending on the species. We also generally use them in cosmetics, traditional medications, and aromatherapy.

Some species of the Eucalyptus are also grown for their gorgeous bright blooms. One more reason we all love it is that the Eucalyptus grows incredibly fast and requires low maintenance. So, you may wonder – do Deer eat Eucalyptus plants?

Fortunately, Deer do not favor Eucalyptus trees. Therefore, Eucalyptus trees are deer-resistant and can be grown in areas where growers need to deter Deer. This is, off-course, a terrific advantage, but you should consider a few more issues.

Deadlier pests in the picture

Eucalyptus has other pests you should be worried about. Some include the leaf-eating beetles, eucalyptus gall wasp, and the eucalyptus longhorn borer. These pests have no sure remedy, only a string of techniques to prevent them. For instance, you should ensure that the soil has adequate drainage. You may also consider inspecting leaves and bark periodically for possible pest damage.

Furthermore, rabbits and hares are also known pests of the Eucalyptus plants. So, it would help if you erected protective covering such as a premium grade rabbit wire or a soft mesh rabbit guard to keep them away.

Deer can still cause damage

On hot sunny days, deer, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats can stay under your fully grown Eucalyptus trees’ cooling shade. While the tree leaves and stems offer protective cover from the sun rays, the Eucalyptol keeps flies away. Under these protective coverings, the Deer may rub their bodies on the trees’ barks, causing injuries that can limit the tree’s growth. Nevertheless, you must also bear in mind that Deer will likely feed on young Eucalyptus trees as they feed on the young of almost anything. Therefore, you should consider using repellents to keep them away. Bear in mind that temporary protections such as plastic tree shelters are not recommended because they might limit your tree’s ventilation and further impair growth.

Concluding thoughts

Do Deer Eat Eucalyptus? No, they don’t, except in situations where they cannot find other palatable foods. However, deer can cause damages to young Eucalyptus plants. It would also be helpful to consider that even though the Eucalyptus is Deer-resistant, ensure you have protective and preventive measures to deter other pests of the Eucalyptus plant. Overall, the Eucalyptus plant is a great addition as ornamental fixtures, especially in areas where deer damage is a concern. From floral arrangements to drug treatments and aromatherapy, there are lots of uses for the Eucalyptus genus.

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