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August 02, 2017 2 min read

Deer possess excellent memory and do not easily forget the spot where they have good meals. Getting them to leave that spot can be almost impossible. This deer habit has made gardening as well as farming quite difficult for those residing in areas and regions where there are significant deer populations. The difficulty that comes with chasing deer away from your property and plants has sent gardeners and farmers into the search for the best of the bests.

Here’s the deal, there are no guaranteed ways to repel deer from your property but certain steps and products have proven to be the best deer repellents feasible. These repellents are the best because for one thing, they do not put you, your plants and pets in harm’s way. There are a good number of commercial sprays and powders that work wonders out there, but they have the tendencies to make your plants unpalatable and even put you and your pets in great danger.

Does and young bucks typically love direct routes to their food source and any form of barrier placed between them and food can scare the crap out of them. Therefore, erecting hindrances, barriers and challenging structures around your plants can go a long way in keeping deer away from them. These hindrances include fences and coverings. Bear it in mind that the fact that you have erected a fence doesn’t mean it will be effective in keeping deer out. There are certain things to note while installing or erecting a fence against deer.

In cases of high deer pressure, height/ width is the most delicate factor with deer fences. Some species of deer such as the white-tailed deer can jump almost eight feet high, so if any fence is going to be effective against them, it should be way higher than eight feet. Perhaps, erecting a fence higher than eight feet may not be feasible, then including a distance between the fence and the plants can be helpful. This is because, though deer can jump high, they cannot jump both high and over a distance.

Slanting the fence at say 45 degrees away from the plants and adding a few strands of wire on top for extra height is another way to effectively keep deer away. If your fence is about five feet high, you can add another fence of the same height at approximately four feet from the initial fence.

Best Deer Repellent

Another sure way of keeping deer away from plants is to use Nature’s Deer MACE on your plants. Nature’s Deer MACE is the surest and best commercial deer repellent you can find out there because it does not pose a problem to your health and those of your plants and environment as do other commercial repellents. It employs scent, fear and taste based technology to keep out deer so you can be rest assured that deer do not even get to taste any of your beloved crops. However, for Deer MACE, just like every other repellent (both natural and commercial), to be effective it is important to make it a point of duty to reapply it when due.