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October 11, 2017 3 min read

Home remedies for deer repellents

Home remedies for deer repellentsDeer are herbivorous animals that easily fit into any habitat of plants, eating a wide variety of them. Studies have shown that deer have certain plants they prefer eating and certain things they are not the least attracted to.

The aim of this article is to outline the simple things that can be done to keep deer away from our environment, houses and of course – our plants. The entire trick is to affect the sense of smell and taste of the deer and to occasionally vary the type of repellent used so the deer doesn’t get accustomed to a recipe.

Before choosing and using a recipe to repel deer, it is important to ensure you are comfortable with it. Also make sure your pets are not affected in a negative way by the home remedy with which you want to repel deer. Suffice it to say that various ingredients have differing effects on deer, therefore it is also important to know exactly what each ingredient does to a deer so you don’t give up when one ingredient does not have the expected effect on the deer. Below are a few recipes that can be combined to repel deer.

  1. Hair: Whether human or animal hair, deer are not at all attracted to hair so you can easily chase them away from you and your plants by collecting hair from salons; placing them in mesh bags and hanging them in places you don’t want deer around – and I bet you, they would run as far as their fours can carry them.
  2. Twara: This is prepared by mixing 1 tablespoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, half a cup of milk, and water. The egg is first beaten into a cup of water and the mixture is sieved to separate white strings. The egg makes the mixture water proof and helps it stick on the surface it is applied. The egg and water mixture is then poured into a gallon jug; the rest of the ingredients are added and the jug filled to the brim with water.

The entire mixture is then poured in spray bottles and refrigerated. It should develop a terrible odor and should not be sprayed on edibles. It is important to spray this mixture on plants after a heavy rainfall and on spring mornings so it is not frozen on plants.

  1. Blood meal: Cut a yard of sheeting into about five inches squares; place about a tablespoon of a mixture of blood meal and hair into the sheets; secure their ends with a string; and hang them in places where deer are not wanted such as shrubs, plants and trees.
  2. Baking powder and sour milk: By mixing a tablespoon of baking powder, one egg, a liter of water and some sour milk; pouring the mixture into a spray bottle; and spraying them on plants and places where deer are not wanted is a great deal way to repel deer. The baking powder introduces a bitter taste to the deer and makes the plant unpalatable.

Home remedies for deer repellents will sometime work fir the short term, but the best way to repel deer is to use a proven deer repellent. Deer and Rabbit MACE liquid repellent is an affordable and extremely effective deer and rabbit repellent. The 40-ounce concentrate sells for $29.99, will make 5 gallons of ready to use mix and treat ½ acre. This product is by far the most effective repellent on the market and will beat and homemade deer repellents.