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October 19, 2017 3 min read

Commercial Deer Deterrent

Commercial Deer DeterrentFor the purpose of deterring deer there are various commercial deer deterrent products available in the market that one can easily get and make good use of. The essence of this deterrent is to help farmers grow healthy crops fit enough for consumption. A few of them will be discussed below.

Deer and Rabbit MACE

Deer and rabbit mace otherwise known as deer mace is made from organic materials, especially from the carcass of a deer. This product when applied to the surroundings of the farmland deters the deer from coming any closer this is because the smell of this product gives the deer the impression that the carcass of a dead brother lies somewhere around, and if there is a dead carcass then the predator should be afar off. The Deer and Rabbit MACE can be strongly effective for not less than 45 days and it does not was off during the rainy season. Deer and Rabbit MACE is a very powerful repellent which can conveniently hinder deer from feeding on your crops particularly the young ones as they are more attracted to young fresh plants. In addition to repelling deer it at the same time repels rabbits loitering around your farmland.

Plantskydd Repellent

Plantskydd repellent comes in powder form and can be easily dissolved in water for effective usage. When applied it not only prevents your crop from getting damaged due to deer bite it also serves a fertilizer to the soil and also deters rabbits thereby keeping your farmland pest free and healthy.

Use Water Spray

The use of water spray can help deter deer as well as other unwanted animals. This works by spraying water around and on any animal that comes very close to the devise. This device is placed at strategic corner around the garden or farm to serve as a protection. The deer is scared away once the device begins to spray water around. However this might not give a long lasting effect. Once the deer gets accustomed to the effect of the water spray it can make its way through and get to the protected crops. This can as well spray water on close by individuals since there is no specific instruction given to it.

Bobbx B550100

This is one of the most effective deer repellent which is made from mostly natural ingredients and causes no harm to the plants it is applied on. But it works perfectly on deterring deer and some other animal pest. This repellent might not be 100% efficient it is at least above 90% effective and has long lasting capacity for about two months. This commercial deer repellent is made of materials such as dried blood, hot pepper, eggs, fish meal and lots more. The odour from the organic component as well as the peppery nature of the product prevents deer from feeding on the protected plants and flowers.

Dear Defeat

Is a type of deer repellent that is effective and safe to be used in the presence of pet dogs. It is long lasting hence can be used at any time of the year. To use this product, apply it directly to your veggies most especially the newly growing ones. In addition to protecting your plants it adds more nutrients to them.