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October 09, 2017 2 min read

Best rabbit repellent for your garden

Best rabbit repellent for your gardenThere are a lot of rabbit repellents for your garden on the market today and it makes it tedious to select an ideal one for your garden.

A spray for deterring rabbits is usually seen as one of the best methods for repelling rabbits because their interest in treated plants is lost with ease. These products form a wall that aid in protecting your garden from rabbits. They utilize tastes and smells that rabbits find unappealing and keep away from.

The list below shows some of the best rabbit repellents for your garden which are certain to keep the rabbits at bay.

They include;

Nature’s MACE Rabbit MACE Repellent

This is a well-known spray for repelling rabbit that it can be called the Best rabbit repellent and the number one choicefor gardens. One application of the spray can leave effects that would last for months. It consists of two major ingredients which include blood meal and putrescent eggs which are responsible for chasing off rabbits. Nonetheless, all of the ingredients utilized in the creation of this products are not harmful to pets, humans, and plants. See here

Plantskydd Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

This repellent comes in form of a powder instead of liquid. To use, it is mixed alongside water. The major ingredient this product consists of includes dried blood formula and it is highly effective because rabbits do not fancy the smell and tend to avoid it. This product can be utilized all year round and the effects of a single application can last for more than five months.

Messina Rabbit Stopper Spray

Messina is a well-known name for products that deter animals. The rabbit stopper spray is very efficient and it is one of the products on Amazon which is highly sorted after. The fact that it is totally safe for humans, pets, and plans when utilized properly also makes it one of the best rabbit repellents for gardens. Regardless of the weather condition, the effect of this product can stay for around 30 days.

Bobbex Rabbit Repellent Concentrate (Bobbex-R)

The manufacturers of this product have attained a solid reputation for the creation of products for repelling animals that are efficient. This product has proven to be one of the best rabbit repellents for gardens. It consists of ingredients that are natural like garlic, fish meal and a variety of protein to ensure that rabbits are kept at bay in your garden. Additionally, this product aids your plant in holding water to ensure they are more resilient to drought and healthier.

Ortho Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

This product has been in existence for numerous years and has been known to rank as one of the best rabbit repellents for gardens. This product utilizes ingredients that are completely natural to push away rabbits like Clove oil, cinnamon oil among others. To get the ideal results, it is recommended that this product should be applied on a monthly basis.

If you have issues with rabbits on your garden, the products above are certain to help in keeping them safely away.