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June 27, 2017 3 min read

Soybean crops among others is one the most highly attacked crops by deer. The reason for this attack is due to the fact that the soybean crop is one of the most loved food crops by the deer. this deer aside their economic importance has constituted a nuisance to the society especially to the farmer who spend so much on their farm and crops only to be fed on by hungry deer (white-tailed deer). As much as these deer would like to be gotten rid of, the economic value of the deer is put into consideration before drastic measures are taken. These values might include the revenue generated from them in form tourism or entertainment to the people. However, the increasing population of the deer on yearly bases has become a matter of concern due to the great damages they inflict on crops. This has brought about the need to make use of repellents and other possible means to keep them away from planted crops.


Milorganite which is a deer repellent can be made use of so as to keep deer away from cultivated farm land and to keep the crops safe. Nevertheless, this repellent only works temporarily and does not have a long-lasting effect. The milorganite is a form of fertilizer which also does the work of a repellent. For effective use it is spread over the soil to be cultivated before the cultivation process is carried out. Research has shown that a soil treated with milorganite is mostly less browsed by the deer and other herbivorous animals than those which were not treated before work was done on the farm. It is important to note that the milorganite does not prevent deer attack it only reduces the infestation of deer on the treated farmland.

Another form of repelling system to be used for the safety of cultivated crops is the fencing mechanism. Since deer are excellent jumper’s high fences should be erected round the farmland so as to keep them away. This will completely prevent them from having access to the crops.


Nature’s MACE Deer and Rabbit MACE Repellent is a type of deer repellent which works by giving the deer a false sense of the presence of a predator. This is achieved through the offensive odor of the repellent to the deer but it is not offensive to humans. The added advantage of making use of this repellent is its fertilizing capacity. The major component of the repellent which is putrescent egg, garlic and blood meal are also a good form of fertilizer. Hence when applied to repel deer it also strengthens the soil on which the crops are cultivated. Research has shown that plants treated with the Deer and Rabbit MACE resist deer browsing more than other repellent. In addition, Deer and Rabbit MACE technology use a proprietary sticking agent making the product long lasting and can be applied during any weather condition without the fear of being washed away if in the rainy season.


Having said this, it is important to know that of all the deer repellents available in the market the best of them all is the Deer and Rabbit MACE which is the most effective and affordable. The technology behind this product has been shone in university studies to be the most effective means of repelling deer.

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