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June 28, 2017 3 min read

Deer are herbivores and would eat any kind of leave it comes across when hungry. This makes them a kind of plant pest since they cause damage to the crops around them. The increasing damage of deer bite on crops has led farmers to device ways to keep them away from their farms in order to keep their crops safe or bite free. Smaller farm areas can be easily protected from deer and other animals with the use of various kind of repellent however when the area of land and the size of crops involved is large difficulties might be experienced while trying to repel this deer. There are various methods and repellents that can be made use of to protect commercial crops from the damage of deer and other pest of the crops.


Most organic fertilizers are composed of dry blood from the carcass of dead animals. When they are applied to the soil they help nourish the soil and help in healthy growth of the crops planted on such soil. The blood-composed fertilizer however not only adds nutrients to the soils but can serve as a deer repellent. This is achieved due to the presence of the blood found in it. After application, the repulsive odour of the fertilizer gives the nearby deer the impression that the carcass of a dead brother lies close by hence such area would not be safe to venture into. With this thought the deer quietly walks away in search for greener pasture.


There are different kinds of repellents which practically fall under two categories; the contact and the area repellent. Contact repellent is applied directly to the plant so it would taste bad in the mouth of the deer while eating the plant. While area repellent is applied in areas surrounding the plants so as to repel the deer or other pest animals from coming any closer. Contact repellents are made of chemicals or substances which change the taste of the leave. However, these chemicals might have side effects and most consumers prefer plants which are chemical free.

Deer repellent for commercial crops

Deer and Rabbit MACE. Is an effective deer repellent manufactured by Nature’s MACE. University studies have concluded that putrescent egg, the active ingredient in Deer and Rabbit MACE is the most effective means of effectively repelling deer from crops.


Considering the fact that most consumers demand for food that has not been organically or chemically processed, the use of repellents and other chemical substance as a means of protected for crops could lessen the demand of the plants in the market when harvested. Therefore in order to reduce the use of chemicals on plants before they mature and are harvested one might consider constructing a fence around the farmland in order to keep these animals away. Note that, deer are excellent jumpers and can jump a certain level of height. Hence while constructing the fence it must not be less than six feet high or even eight to be on the safe side. The fence after construction serves as a form of barrier preventing the deer from accessing the protected area and the protected crops. Aside protecting the crops from pest animals, fences serves as a general form of protection.

After considering the above mentioned repellent and method of repelling deer the most effective repellent is the deer and rabbit mace, it is very effective and affordable as well.