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June 08, 2017 2 min read

Deer are a beauty to behold, no doubt. In fact, watching them graze especially during the evening can create a relaxing effect on the onlooker. Sadly, left uncontrolled, they can lay waste a cornfield more quickly than you can imagine no thanks to their unhealthy feeding habit.

Deer are picky when it comes to selecting their meals. They only go for foods that aren’t only appetizing but also nutritious and easy to digest. Carrots, chestnuts, lettuce, ornamental shrubs, tomatoes and even the rice we eat are some of their favorite deli. Deer have no respect for person – until proactive steps are taken to keep them away, they will time and again pick on farmlands ad private gardens.

That said, below are some ingenious steps a serious minded cornfield owner can take to repel deer.

  • Grow plants they don’t like:It’s not all plants the deer enjoy eating. In fact, there are some they can’t even stand their scent let alone taste them. There are lots of them, but the most effective ones include: Lavender, Catnip, Mullein, Hyssop, Bluebeard, bleeding heart, Fritillaria, Crocus, Lily of the valley…the list is endless. Some dare devil deer will still trespass even if your entire cornfield is covered in lavender or hyssop. To solve this problem, spoil their nose by growing spicy or ugly smelling plants like cayenne pepper and garlic alongside corn.
  • Create a terrain they can’t maneuver:Deer may be good runners but their jumping and climbing skill is way below average. This weakness of theirs can be used against them. Simply create sunken beds some distance away from a cornfield. Better still, set up obstacles in their path that will force them to jump over. By the time they jump one of two, they would tire.
  • Electric fencing:While ordinary fencing works against deer, electric fencing works better. The idea is to partially electrocute any deer that attempts to trespass a protected field with small jolt of electricity. However, care should be taken when using this tactics especially if there are kids or pets at home. Only fence that deliver very low voltage should be used. Remember, the goal is to repel and not to kill them.
  • Scare tactics: Deer fear things they have never seen before. Even unlikely objects like a dangling CD, rustling empty tin cans strung together can send them scampering for safety. Good enough, these items are inexpensive and require no maintenance.
  • Commercial Spray:One quick and, to a certain extent, easy way to keep away deer is through the use of commercially made spray. Of course, not all spray out there work as described. The good news, however, is that some work incredibly well that they can last for a period of two months without any need for reapplication. Deer and Rabbit MACE is one of them.

Deer repellent for corn

  • Alternating repellent tactics: Deer are highly adaptable. With time, they tend to get used to some of the things that once scared or irritated them. To prevent this from happening and to keep your corn safe, it is needful that the repellent tactics you use be alternated.