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June 22, 2017 2 min read

Looking for an effective yet safe homemade cat repellent solution? Learn how to make homemade cat deterrent solution to stop intruders from giving you headache!

Even the most cat lovers do not appreciate the odor of cat urine outdoors in the lawn. The problem can get worse if these intruders use your flower beds as a little box. While it is hard to convince or train them to stay away from your property or not do undesirable things that can harm your plants or garden, you can make homemade cat deterrent that can potentially convince these cats to take their businesses somewhere else. Homemade repellents are Eco-friendly and safe, making them a good alternative.

  • Essential oils. Peppermint oil for deterring cats in your garden is one of the top recommendations you can also use. Simply mix three parts of water to one part of oil in a spray bottle. Afterward, apply to required areas. Since the solution wear away from outside environments, you should reapply it.
  • Add string on your fence. By doing so, you are making cats feel uncomfortable to walk or cross along. If wire fence is what you have, apply oil to the top in order to provide deterrence.
  • Sprinkle a sufficient amount of cayenne pepper, dried rosemary, coffee grounds or dried mustard to keep stray cats out of your outdoor places. Some cats will hate particular odors more than others and thus, if one does not work effectively, combine some of them or try a different one.
  • Steep dried or fresh herbs such as cayenne pepper, rosemary, or lavender in hot water. Wait for five minutes. Then, strain the mixture and put the liquid in a clean bottle of spray. Never use a bottle that previously held toxic chemicals or detergents. Instead, buy a new bottle at the gardening store or drug center for this. Spray the potted plants. The smell may not be highly detectable to humans, but is very strong to cats. Spray the area each week or two, or as frequently as required.
  • Use lemon and eucalyptus. Mix twenty drops of eucalyptus oil, ten drops of lemon oil or even zest of one lemon and one quart of water. Then, spray the solution outdoor. However, make sure not to directly apply too much mixture of it to foliage as eucalyptus oil can be damaging to the health of other herbs and plants.
  • Plants. There are few plants that cats don’t like the scent of, which include chives, lavender, rosemary and rue. So, take advantage of this chance to plant some around your lawn’s edges or any place to free your beautifully designed garden to neighboring or stray cats.
  • Use chicken mesh. Putting chicken mesh wire around your garden patches will prevent cats from roaming or entering your lawn. If you want, dab a few amounts of unmixed essential oils on the chicken mesh.

How to Make Homemade Cat Deterrent

A professional cat repellent is always recommended to successful repel stray and wondering cats from lawn and gardens. Cat MACE cat repellent is a proven and effective means to permanently repel unwanted cats from protected areas.