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November 15, 2021 3 min read

To keep cats out of the yard and property, you need to consider multiple cat deterrent measures. This post will share with you the best cat deterrent methods to get rid of feral cats.

Cats make great pets. But it’s an entirely different scenario when dealing with wild cats. These feral cats are not just known for hunting and killing birds and other wildlife. They can also cause havoc in our yards and gardens. These feral cats can transform trees, fences, and other structures into territorial markers for spraying males. They can also fight for territory and attack pets, thereby causing a nuisance. Even so, they can transform our well-cultivated gardens into litter boxes, and garden sheds into breeding grounds. Beyond these unwanted results, there’s also the risk of having these cats transmit pests and diseases to your pets. So, it’s essential to take steps to keep cats out of the yard entirely.

1.Install physical barriers

Consider barriers that would prevent cats from getting to your precious plants. You can consider fencing your property and adding a fence spike at the top to it. You can also use chicken wire around patches of the vegetable garden to keep them at bay. Another excellent method is to use eggshells, holly cuttings, and sharp-edged pine cones when mulching. This stops cats from digging and pooping in loose dirt.

2.Cultivate plants that discourage cats

Generally, cats do not like plants with potent scents, stinging plants, or thorny bushes. So, you can cultivate these cat deterrent plants to keep them away.

3.Use better bird feeding structures.

Bird feeders are attractants for cats. But you don’t have to stop feeding the birds to keep cats away. All you need to do is position your bird feeders, birdhouses, and watering stations on higher ground, so they don’t attract these cats. It’s equally important to avoid ground feeding techniques and keep your yard free of stray bird food.

4.Minimize food smells

Feral cats love to visit places that seem to offer a variety of food sources. Therefore, you should get rid of these attractants by keeping your yard clean and healthy. Also, ensure that your trash bin is secure. Clean your outdoor grill immediately after use to minimize smells and stop felines from rummaging.

5. Get rid of temptation.

When female cats are in heat, they might attract unaltered males. If you have female cats that are in heat, you can consider keeping them indoors. A much better option is to spay your female cats so that they don’t attract wandering males.

In the same light, cats like to mark their territory with urine. Therefore, you must wash away that territorial marker and clean it with an enzyme-based odor neutralizer to avoid repeated spraying.

6.Invest in a cat repellent

Cats have a very sharp sense of taste and smell. This is why you can find proven and effective commercial cat repellents that can discourage unwanted cats with high success rates. These repellents can be sprayed or sprinkled around your yard, making them less attractive to your unwanted feline visitors. However, for most repellents, you might have to reapply after long periods of heavy rains to maintain their effectiveness.

7.Consider sound barriers

Cats don’t like sudden noise. So you can use deterrents like wind or bell chimes to keep them away from your yard. Regardless, bear in mind that feral cats can get used to this method quickly, thereby limiting their effectiveness.

Final thoughts

Always remember that even as a stray cat’s visit can be sporadic, it’s essential to avoid having them in the first place. Without taking measures to discourage them, they might establish your yard as a pleasant attraction, making it challenging to get rid of them effectively.

7 ways to keep cats out of the yard

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