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November 16, 2021 3 min read

What are the best deterrents for dogs? Chances are you’ve stray dogs wandering into your yard and would love to know the best repellent to keep them out. This article will share with you tips and techniques to stop these dogs from destroying your garden.

Dogs are gorgeous pets to keep. But having one destroy your garden and property is an awful experience. Dogs can eat from your garden, trample on your flowers and dig and uproot plants, vegetables, and your entire lawn. Their urine also releases nitrogen that kills gas and leaves unsightly burns or dead patches across your property. So, whether you are dealing with a lost dog, feral, or even your neighbor’s pet, they can cause severe damage to your property, making them a cause for concern.

This is why you must consider deterrent measures such as dog repellents to help you keep dogs out of your garden and lawn.

How do repellents work?

Dog repellents commonly work by producing an irritant that discourages dogs from visiting the area. These repellents may repel via their odor, taste, or touch. They take advantage of a dog’s natural aversion to certain substances in its natural environment. There are many different forms of repellents. However, here we want to focus on dog repellent sprays, otherwise called chemical repellents.

Are DIY repellents effective?

You may have heard of using substances like Cayenne pepper, citrus peels, ammonia, or vinegar to repel dogs from your property. However, these come with many downsides. Vinegar and ammonia may kill your lawn and vegetation. Ammonia and vinegar may also irritate their nose and cause damage to their throats and stomachs if they accidentally consume them. Citrus peels may deter dogs due to their odor. But they might also attract other unwanted visitors such as rodents.

This is why you should choose a professionally formulated repellent developed to get rid of the drawbacks of diverse natural ingredients to offer the best repellent protection against dogs.

Choose Effective Repellents from Nature MACE

Fortunately, Nature’s MACE offers several dog repellent options for keeping dogs off your property;

  • Liquid (ready-to-use spray) dog MACE repellents
  • Concentrate dog MACE repellents
  • Granular dog MACE repellents

Each of these methods comes with its modes of application. You can choose to combine both or pick one of them, depending on your unique circumstances.

Liquid Dog MACE repellents

Nature’s MACE ready-to-use spray combines the powders of a fresh minty scent and taste that dogs hate. Just as the name implies, you only have to shake the container and start spraying around your property. Ensure to focus primarily on targeted areas where dogs like to mark their territory. One application offers up to 7 days of protection and is excellent for spraying over an extensive area. Unlike DIY solutions, this Dog MACE repellent can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, feel free to spray across your garden, patio, sheds, and yard. You will especially love that these products are almost long-lasting, although we strongly advise re-application after heavy or prolonged rains.

Dog MACE concentrates

Nature’s MACE dog MACE Concentrate offers more robust protection against dogs. Although it’s still a liquid formula, what you get is a concentrated product that offers more resistance against heavy and prolonged rains. Even so, you can use Nature’s MACE dog concentrates on your gardens and entire landscape. But we recommend patch testing as some plants may be extremely sensitive. Regardless, Dog MACE concentrates contain all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. So you can rest easy that you are not harming the environment in any way.

Granular Dog MACE repellents

Nature’s MACE dog mace also comes in granular forms with the same active ingredients and long-lasting protection. Like other Nature’s MACE dog repellent, it repels dogs through taste and odor. However, granules are slow-acting and ideal for creating protective barriers around targeted areas in your garden or lawn. Choose from any of these dog repellent options to protect yourself against canine intruders and other unwelcome critters.

Everything you need to know about dog repellents

With Nature’s MACE, you can enjoy a variety of robust animal repellent solutions made from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients to help you win the battle against these critters.

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