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November 17, 2021 2 min read

What to expect from a commercial non-toxic animal repellent for yard. There are many animal repellents for yards, but how do you choose the best to keep unwanted visitors out of your lawn and property? Chances are you have heard of a non-toxic animal repellent. This guide will share everything you need to know about these repellents to determine if they are genuinely safe and effective.

Animal repellents are different from pesticides. They are not designed to harm or kill pests. Instead, they control or modify the behavior of these animals by irritating them in a way that discourages them from returning to the area.

A commercial non-toxic animal repellent is a chemically formulated repellent for your yard. These products are made from a mixture of all-natural ingredients and tailored to repel animals by a mixture of taste and odor.

Generally, every animal has different behavioral characteristics and may respond to irritants differently. This is why most commercial non-toxic animal repellents come with specific labels, which means they contain ingredients that will repel specific animals and not all unwanted critters at once.

Because they are non-toxic, these commercial repellents will not harm people, plants, pets, or even aquatic life. However, you should look for repellent products that are long-lasting and will not require re-application too frequently.

Regardless, you must realize that it is imperative to choose an animal repellent product labeled explicitly for the particular animal you would like to repel. This will ensure that you have the most effective repellent against that unwanted visitor.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of your animal repellent for yard

  1. Always use an animal repellent labeled for the outdoors outside. Also, check to see if your repellent is ideal for use on certain sensitive plants.
  2. Ensure to use your repellents after watering the gardens and not before.
  3. Follow labels carefully and use the least amount possible. Instead of overdosing your yard with the repellent. Consider re-applying more frequently, especially when you stay in a region with heavy downpours, to maintain effectiveness
  4. All products contain irritants that might be uncomfortable for you. They might not harm you or release any toxins to you, but their potent fumes can lead to a stuffy nose and irritated skin. Hence, you should protect yourself by using protective clothing such as rubber gloves and a mask. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the application.
  5. Above all, always consider your repellents as a part of a more robust deterrent approach which might include physical barriers (plant coverings and fences), sight and sound scare tactics (e.g., motion-activated sprinklers), and pest-resistant plant varieties.

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